Winter Snowflake Pallet Sign

Hi Design Dazzle fans! I am Britney from The Princess & Her Cowboys and I’m excited to be part of this fun Christmas series! I have been needing to make something new and fun for the holidays to hang on my front door and this will be perfect for not only Christmas but into January as well.

Winter Snowflake Sign l The Princess & Her Cowboys

Snowflake Sign Materials:

To get started, I painted the snowflakes and slat board. The nice thing about the slat board is that it is already connected but if you have pieces of a pallet, you can connect them with another board on back. I painted the slat board a light blue and then did a light coat of white on the top, wiping off excess with a paper towel as I went to give it more of a sky look.Winter Snowflake Sign l The Princess & Her Cowboys

After the white paint dried on the snowflakes, I took the True Snow, which looks a lot like whipped cream only thicker, and began applying it to the snowflakes. I had never used it before and had just dabbed it all over but realized that it dried exactly as it was applied. So I did one more coat just to give it a better finish and then drew circles with my foam brush.Winter Snowflake Sign l The Princess & Her Cowboys

You can see the difference below with the circles and I liked it because it wasn’t so rough. I took some Mod Podge and brushed a thin layer on the top and then poured a small amount of glitter and then let it dry.Winter Snowflake Sign l The Princess & Her Cowboys

For the lettering, I had cut out some pieces of silver paper to apply to it but it didn’t really match all that well. I ended up tracing and then painting the letters a few times but if you have a cutting machine, I suggest cutting out the letters and font that you want and then applying it with Mod Podge.

Hot glue your snowflakes in place.

To finish it off, I like to use a spray sealer to protect the wood plus it helps keep the glitter on a little bit better so you don’t have it coming off with every movement. With a little wire or ribbon on back, your sign is ready to hang!

Winter Snowflake Sign l The Princess & Her Cowboys

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Posted on December 3, 2014
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