10 Halloween Mantle Decorations Your Kids Will Love


My kids are all grown now but as I was raising them my Halloween decorations (or all my decorations for that matter) were much different than they are now. Its so fun to be able to decorate for holidays like Halloween with things that your kids will love and enjoy looking at every day. That’s …continue reading

10 Halloween Crafts You Can Make With a Sharpie

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Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the celebrations, family time, yummy treats, etc. However, with all of those fun things can come a lot of stress…especially for moms! That’s why I have round up some extremely fun crafts that you can do with your little ones (or by yourself) …continue reading

bObi Pet: Meet The Vacuum That Changed The Way I Clean


   I love that the bObi fits right in with the decor in my house! This is a sponsored post.  All text and opinions are 100% my own. #ad  Do you know how nice it is to sit down relax and read all while your home is being vacuumed? Yep, that’s what happened when I …continue reading

Storing Food For Emergencies


  September is Emergency Preparedness Month and today I am sharing some thoughts and tips about storing food for emergencies. It is something many people don’t think to do or feel like is an extreme precaution but I think it is a necessary part of any family emergency plan. Everyone should make this a priority …continue reading

Essential Items For Emergency Preparedness


September is National Preparedness Month! This is a great reminder to prepare for emergencies and disasters for where we live, attend school and work. For my family, we have many different types of insurances – car insurance, life insurance, health and home. It’s important for our family to be prepared in case of an emergency. …continue reading

What To Put In Your 72 Hour Kits

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September is national emergency preparedness month so of course it got me thinking about how prepared my family is in the event of an emergency. Have you ever thought of what you might do if a disaster strikes where you live? It’s one of those thoughts that although scary, is so great to have on …continue reading

Fall Pumpkin Porch Decor


Are the leaves already turning color where you live? I know it’s still summer – in fact it was quite hot today. But the leaves are just starting to change here in my backyard. Before I know it the fall colors will be completely turned to beautiful, golds, reds, rusts, oranges, black and more! The …continue reading

The Easiest Dessert Ever (Only Three Ingredients)

cherry dessert

This dessert is commonly known as the “cherry dump cake,” and oh, how easy it is to make! it’s just like the title says, The Easiest Dessert Ever (Only Three Ingredients). That’s right–only three ingredients! And what’s even better is that these three ingredients are things that you are easy to keep on hand. One …continue reading

Make a Bold Statement With Farmhouse Lighting


Such a pretty Farmhouse Kitchen Using light fixtures to make a bold statement in your home is the perfect way to upgrade your homes interior design on a dime. It’s also the best way to jump on board with a new trend without having to upgrade everything in your home. Make a bold statement with …continue reading

Trendy Copper Light Fixtures


Found on Home Edit Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you. For further information, please see our disclosure policy. Copper light fixtures are the new trend in town that’s taking over home lighting indefinitely and I won’t say I’m complaining. Are you wondering whether copper lighting is for you? My quick …continue reading