Pillowcase Art Party Activity

trace to create amazing pillowcase arts

A few years ago I stumbled across the idea of using fabric markers to personalize pillowcases. Apparently I’m not the first to discover this great idea! (above image from pinterest). And by great, I mean truly GREAT. We’ve used fabric markers on pillowcases as a party activity several times in my house. Each and every …continue reading

Sharpie Art Pumpkins

Sharpie art pumpkins by Design Dazzle

Making Sharpie Art Pumpkins is loads of fun! Who knew coloring on pumpkins could be so enjoyable! I’m sharing my Michaels Makers post with you today! These are super fun to make! The most AWESOME idea about these pumpkins is they are TWO-SIDED! One side is for Halloween and one side is for Fall!! I …continue reading

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party – This Way, That Way Signs

Alice in Wonderland topiaries

One of my favorite stories of all time is Alice in Wonderland. There are so many creative, colorful creatures and places in Wonderland that are perfect for any party. Of course, I would love to be invited to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! According to the story, it could be pretty hard to find. Good …continue reading

Schick® Disposables Back-to-School Care Package


My son has been dreaming of University of Southern California since he was a little boy. What a good day when that acceptance letter came. Our home has been full of proud smiles ever since! Go USC!! Now off to  My son and his darling wife! Hubby, son and I attending a back to school …continue reading

Last Minute Party Ideas

last minute birthday party ideas

Sometimes time gets away from you (especially with kids in the house!) and the next thing you know it’s almost birthday time and you have nothing planned. It’s OK. It happens to even the best party planners sometimes. I know a few amazing gals who throw tremendous parties for a living and yet sometimes get down …continue reading

Budget Birthday Parties

budget birthday party ideas fi

We showcase a lot of gorgeous and amazing parties. We’ve shown you amazing dessert tables and backdrops worthy of their own magazine spreads. And while I’ll admit that I love to see the phenomenal creations that some party planners stage, the reality is that the phrase “money is no object!” rarely crosses any of our …continue reading

Super Cute Popsicle Party Ideas

super cute popsicle party ideas

If you’re anything like us, you’re soaking up the warmth and fun of the last few weeks before Labor Day, the unofficial end of Summer. Popsicles are the quintessential Summer icon and we think throwing a popsicle party is the perfect way to celebrate Summer coming to an end. We gathered some of the BEST popsicle party ideas …continue reading

Camping Parties

cool camping party ideas

Camping Parties — all of the great parts of camping in a single party PLUS you get to go home and sleep in your own bed! I happen to live in a house full of happy campers. They love to camp. They love hiking and cooking over an open fire. Lanterns and s’mores? Bring it …continue reading

Heading to College with Schick® Part 1 + Fab Coupon

schick final

Time for back to school shopping sponsored by Schick®! My son is heading back to college next week. I am gearing up to send a care package to my son while away at college. (Stay tuned for a blog post on that care package later!). College is a time of making new friends and making great …continue reading

Citrus Party Ideas

Citrus-themed party ideas

Capture the warmth of sunny summer days with the gorgeous colors and flavors of citrus. Citrus parties are a new trend and I can totally see why! Yellow lemons, green limes and vibrant oranges combine to create stunning tables. And I don’t know about you, but citrus flavors make my mouth water every time. Delicious! …continue reading