DIY Snow Princess Costume


It’s the monthly Michaels Makers post. Our challenge for this month is to create a DIY  Halloween Costume using Michaels products. I made a Snow Princess for my daughter about 13 years ago. And I might add she did win the Halloween Costume contest. When I saw a tree skirt in the Christmas section – …continue reading

10 Fall Crock Pot Recipes


Delicious Fall Crock Pot Recipes that will warm your heart and soul! When the leaves turn a beautiful array of colors and a chill runs in the air, nothing is better than sitting down to a warm and tasty meal. These crock pot meals won’t disappoint. They are scrumptious and full of warmth. Best part, …continue reading

Pumpkin Decorating – No carving neccesary!


Hello Pumpkin! I think it is safe to say that everyone loves pumpkins and pumpkin decorating in the Fall! Pumpkins are so iconic when it come to the season. Part of my favorite tradition is to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out that perfect pumpkin, followed by some hot chocolate. Pumpkins are just …continue reading

10 of our Favorite Fall Printables

Fabulous fall printables

I love to bring the beautiful colors of fall into my home each year. But my decorating budget (and my patience for seasonal decorations!) doesn’t extend to include large displays. I was so happy when I found my first fall printable. I printed it out and popped it into a frame I had lying around. …continue reading

Preserving Family Stories with StoryWorth + Chance to win a FREE subscription!


Hello Design Dazzle friends! My name is Rachel and I work with Toni to bring you fab ideas! I wanted to share with you an amazing site that will quite literally change your life. StoryWorth. The easiest way to record your family stories! I am 30 years old and all of my grandparents have been …continue reading

Candy Corn Inspired Treats


Nothing says Halloween like CANDY CORN! The delightfully addicting candy inspired some fabulous treats that you will love making this season. From cookies and cake to popcorn and parfaits… these genius bakers have used the orange, yellow and white candy to create some scrumptious bites! If I didn’t love this season before, I certainly love it …continue reading

Succulent Living Garden Tablescape


I absolutely love the Salt Lake City Home & Garden Show. There are always such creative set-ups and I leave so inspired! The succulents in this beautiful garden tablescape was planted by my dear friend, Cynthia Bee. It is so fresh and green, and would brighten up any space! I love that it brings the …continue reading

Delicious Apple Recipes

feature img

Apple Recipes that will bring a smile to your face and make you say “Welcome Fall!” An apple a day can keep the doctor away, more importantly apple season brings us Delicious Apple Recipes! The unique flavor of apples can be added to so many delicious foods both savory and sweet! It is time to …continue reading

Darling Playhouse

darling playhouse

Check out this absolutely darling playhouse! Laurel over at Parcel and Frock came up with the rough plan for this cute and charming playhouse. After trying unsuccessfully to hire contractors and playground building companies to take her design and make it a reality, Laurel hit upon the genius idea of reaching out to a local …continue reading

10 Fabulous Fall Treats


Fall is a perfect time for baking so we gathered our favorite 10 Fabulous Fall treats! As the weather cools down, we all want to be curl up on a cozy couch or gather with good friends around a fire WITH  a delicious treat! Pumpkin, apple, caramel, chocolate, spice, cinnamon… you see where I am …continue reading