Bewitching Halloween Party

halloween party

Happy Halloween everyone!! To celebrate, I thought we’d feature this fabulous Bewitching Halloween Party by Paula at Frog Prince Paperie! This party has just the right amount of spooky to let your little ones enjoy the Halloween spirit without the risk of nightmares. It’s a great combination of ravens, spiders, witches and argyle. Yes. Argyle. …continue reading

Cozy Reading Nooks

cozy reading  nooks for kids fi

Having a special spot to sit and read or just to daydream is such a treat for a child! Or, to be completely honest, to an adult! I know I am so much more likely to curl up with a book if there’s an inviting space at hand. To me, a cozy reading nook has …continue reading

Doubly Dreamy Twin Nurseries

dreamy twin nursery ideas fi

For those mommas who have been blessed to have twins, the idea of creating the perfect nursery with all the essentials two babies need may seem doubly daunting.  We have created a doubly dreamy collection of twin nurseries that will inspire and make you even more anxious to have both arms full of your sweet …continue reading

Girlfriends Day Out at Pinners Conference!


How about a girls day out? Isn’t it always a fun time to get together with your girlfriends? Well, pinterest + girlfriends = Pinners Conference! If you are a Pinterest lover, you will want to attend the Pinners Conference held in Utah at South Towne Expo. There will be quite a few bloggers who will …continue reading

Star Wars Costume Ideas for Kids

The Star Wars movies have been popular for decades. The other night, while my family was enjoying one of the movies, I started to wonder what it was about the series that had such staying power. What I realized is that, at the base, the Star Wars movies are fairy tales. You’ve got good vs. …continue reading

Black Cat Ball


When spooky black cats and grinning pumpkins are seen, it means it’s finally time for Halloween! The fancy-dress Black Cat Ball was put together by Paula from Frog Prince Paperie.Using rich colors and upscale touches Paula created an elegant setting for a masquerade a few lucky kids will never forget. Paula says, “A few feathers, …continue reading

Handmade Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes

Homemade Toddler Boys Halloween Costumes fi

  Making boy costumes can be so much fun, especially when you use these costume ideas! If you have a toddler boy at home, you need to find the right costume for your little one’s personality and interest. Here are a few ideas you can use to help inspire your creativity as you make that …continue reading

“Last Minute” Mike Wazowski Inspired Costume – with free printable!

“I’m officially a college student!” said Mike Wazowski the beloved character of Monsters Inc.  So, has Halloween snuck up too quickly on you, and there is not enough time to make an elaborate, perfect costume for your little one. No time? No problem. No need to buy an expensive, poor quality costume at the store- …continue reading

Totally Cool Teen Halloween Costumes

DIY teen halloween costumes fi

As your kids get older, it can be harder to find Halloween costumes that make everyone happy. Some costumes are too juvenile while others aren’t age appropriate. If this sounds familiar to you, here are some great ideas that can help! You’re bound to find something your teen will like with these DIY teen Halloween …continue reading

Handmade Halloween Costume Ideas for Siblings

handmade costumes for siblings fi

Do you have a few kids at home who need some costume ideas this Halloween? Although there’s nothing wrong with making different costumes for each of your kids, it can be pretty exciting to make matching costumes! These homemade Halloween costume ideas for siblings are perfect to get you started on this year’s Halloween costumes. …continue reading