Ice Cream Fun!

 Summer fun with ice cream for the kids!


Hey!  This is Ashley from Apples 4 Bookworms with a fun Ice Cream activities kids will love during the summer!  I know here in Arizona it is HOT and we LOVE keeping cool with some yummy ice cream!  The above craft is a scented ice cream craft.  I found some ice cream scoop templates online and copied them on white, brown, and pink construction paper.   Then, we drizzled a little bit of liquid glue on each scoop.  Next we sprinkled some flavoring on each scoop:

Brown Scoop- Chocolate Pudding Powder

White Scoop- Vanilla Pudding Powder

Pink Scoop- Strawberry Jello Powder

We sprinkled off the excess powder into the trash can.  Kids loved smelling their craft!


Where’s the Cherry Game:



This game we would hide the “cherry” (red pom) under an ice cream cone.  We would move the cones around and they have to guess which cone it is under.  Kids love it!

Make Ice Cream in a Bag!



There are so many yummy recipes online to make some Ice Cream in a Bag.

Check them out!

Ice Cream Scoop Relay Race:



I divided the kids up into 2 teams.  Each team got one scoop.  I had an assortment of “Ice Cream” (pom poms)  I would give the first member of each team a scoop of ice cream.  They would have to quickly walk it over to their awaiting bowl then hurry back to give the ice cream scoop to the next member of their team.


Ashley loves to create Apples 4 Bookworms Profile Picteachable moments!  As a past Elementary and Jr. High teacher she likes to share her creativity and teaching ideas with others!  She is a stay at home mom of 3 adorable kids~ ages 6 and under.  She taught a Playschool in her home for 2-3 year olds and teaches Math classes out of her home during the Summer.  Besides teaching ideas she will share occasional recipes, church ideas, and crafts!

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Thanks, Ashley!

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