Star Wars Bowling Party

Star Wars Bowling Party

How fun is this Star Wars Bowling Party created by Julie Ann Events (found via Spaceships and Laserbeams)? I love a good Star Wars party and I love a creative take on a party theme so this Star Wars Bowling Party is a win-win in my book! Like so many great parties, this party was all based off of a single inspirational piece. In this case the inspiration was a Star Wars themed Imperial bowling set. The color scheme was determined to be grey and white and the rest of the details naturally sprang from there. The backdrop and tablecloths were sheets. The tablescape was created by wrapping boxes in gift wrap found at Target. Add a few Star Wars details and viola! Amazing Star Wars Bowling Party!

Star Wars Bowling Party - the inspiration!

The inspiration!

Star Wars Party Tablescape

Letters for the backdrop were made from a standard sheet of poster board.

Star Wars Party Cake


I love how the chocolate shavings on the top of the cupcakes gives a 3D feel to the cupcake toppers — it makes them appear to have some depth.


See? Deliciousness runs deep with this one. (OK – so my Yoda-speaking attempts need a little work!)

Get your own Star Wars Imperial Bowling Set here:

Star Wars Imperial Bowling
Disney Parks Star Wars Imperial Bowling Set w/ Bowling Lane


Posted on February 18, 2015
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