Christmas In A Can

The Christmas in a Can project is sweet and simple. A very long time ago I created a Christmas in a can to give out as our family gifts that year. It was very well received. It works well to use as a family night Christmas activity for the recipient. The options for this project …continue reading

DIY Gifts For Your Favorite Teachers and Neighbors + Free Printables

As a Michael’s Maker I have a challenge I get to create every month!  This month the challenge was to come up with holiday tips and gifts for holiday stress and issues we all encounter during the season.  I chose the challenge to create gifts for teachers and neighbors and coworkers.  We all know that …continue reading

Family Christmas Traditions: Sugared Nuts And Free Printable

Sugared Nuts and Free Printable! I have lots of Christmas traditions we do in our family. One of our traditions is to make gifts for our family, neighbors, church leaders, teachers etc. ALL of our family gets involved making, creating, cutting ribbon or paper, applying embellishments, and “fluffing” each gift to make it look great! …continue reading