Fun in a Bucket Free Printable

Hey there! I’m Erin from Strawberry Mommycakes and I’m sharing this super easy Fun in a Bucket FREE Printable!

Fun in a Bucket Free Printable

This is my first summer with 3 kids. My youngest is really easy because he just rolls around (literally), but my other two are pretty wild. I have no problem with the wildness, but since we’re stuck inside all day from the Arizona heat, the little people get bored, and stir crazy. Which usually amounts to crying, yelling, and fit throwing. And that’s just me…I kid! But seriously, we needed a solution. I created this FUN in a Bucket FREE Printable to give the kids daily ideas to keep them busy.

Fun in a Bucket Free Printable

This activity took me minutes to make and it provides days (or weeks!) or summer fun! I like this because I can get really involved doing my own thing and this helps me remember to stop and take a time out with the kids. I came up with a lot of these activities that need parent supervision specifically for this purpose.

Fun in a Bucket Free Printable

You’ll simply download the free printable, then cut them out with scissors. Tape the label to the front of a small bucket. Have your child pick an activity out when they are feeling “bored.” Super easy, right? I left one page of the printables blank so you can customize them. Not everyone is stuck inside like us Arizonians!

Fun in a Bucket Free Printable

We only have a couple weeks left of summer, and we intend to make the most of it with some fun-filled activities! I’d love to know, how do you plan on making the most of the rest of your summer?

Download the FREE Printable HERE

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Thanks for sharing a great boredom buster, Erin!

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