Family Christmas Traditions: Sugared Nuts And Free Printable

Family Christmas Traditions: Make sugared nuts for Christmas gifts. Recipe and free printable included - Design Dazzle

I have lots of Christmas traditions we do in our family. One of our traditions is to make gifts for our family, neighbors, church leaders, teachers etc. ALL of our family gets involved making, creating, cutting ribbon or paper, applying embellishments, and “fluffing” each gift to make it look great! We usually give food gifts and have given out frozen cookie dough, spiced cider, etc. Our family enjoys eating Sugared Nuts. I’ve decided to share this recipe and how easy it is to make and EAT ; )

I’m being featured this morning over at The Crafting Chicks. Please give them a visit for the recipe and more info on making Sugared Nuts! Plus you’ll love their blog!!

Family Christmas Traditions: Sugared Nuts And Free Printable

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Posted on November 10, 2013
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