Balloon Rocket Races

So happy to be back for another season of Design Dazzle’s Summer Camp! It’s fun this time of year to get the chance to come up with something the kids are going to go crazy for (and keep them busy for a bit.) My kids are a little bit older than the the first time …continue reading

Making Colorful Crayons


Hi, I’m Debbie from Party Patisserie, here to show you an easy rainy day (or sunny day) activity to make with your kids. Making Colorful Crayons is a perfect “mom and me” activity, and fun when friends come over, too. I’ve always loved making crayons with the kiddos for a few reasons: 1) we always have …continue reading

Rainy Day Kids Activities

Rainy day season is headed our way (or here for some of us) and it can be very overwhelming when you have no plans that are rainy day proof. We found some rainy day kids activities that can help any parent keep their kids entertained and learning for a good while.  This activity is a …continue reading