Way Cool Construction Party

Amazing Construction Party - such a classic theme for those little boys!

We came across this absolutely darling Construction Party over at Made From Scratch and styled by Dots n Spots and just had to share – it’s styled to perfection! I bet almost every boy has a construction themed party at some point in their lives, I know mine did! Take note of all the fabulous details for …continue reading

Woodland Wonder 1st Birthday Party

woodland wonder invitation and cookies

Jessie from Shop Sweet Lulu (THE CUTEST online party supply shop EVER – you have to check it out!) created a darling Woodland Wonder 1st birthday party for her son Gray. The inspiration for the party came from her son’s collection of blabla dolls and included a color palette of blues, greens, orange and browns …continue reading

A Classic Pinocchio Party

pinocchio party dessert table

I love finding unique party themes and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a Pinocchio party before – what a great classic story to base a 1st birthday party around! Lettuce & Co. created this amazing Pinocchio party for a client. The dessert table is beautiful starting with the simple cake and Pinocchio perched …continue reading

Vintage Baseball Party

vintage baseball party sweets table

  Christy from Itsy Belle created this really fun vintage baseball party and my favorite thing about it is that she created it for her 79 year old grandpa who still plays up to 3 games of softball a day during baseball season – amazing! The other thing I love about this party is that …continue reading

Amazing Baseball Invite

Here is a simply AMAZING baseball invite to a bachelor party. I know, I know… this site isn’t about bachelor parties. But since when have you known a little guy not to love the same thing the big guys love? And what’s not to love about an invite in a box? This great invite was …continue reading