DIY Wood Block Rubber Stamp Ornament

Make a Wood Block Monogram Rubber Stamp Ornament and use the rubber stamp afterwards!

Happy Holidays!  Keisha here from Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams!  Today, I am sharing how to make a super simple holiday craft –  a DIY Wood Block Rubber Stamp Ornament!

I love stamping and have tons of stamps in my craft arsenal.  Some of them are sometimes so pretty that I don’t want to use them….crazy right?  Sometimes I have some that are just cool and hip to use so, they sit in my drawer too.  My stamp addiction is real and I need to make proper use out of them.  So, I figured this year, instead of buying a whole bunch of new ornaments, why don’t I personalize my tree a little bit by adding a few monogram rubber stamps to it.  I found a couple of monogram stamps that I collected from Target’s Dollar Spot and quickly came up with an easy way to turn them into ornaments, without actually ruining the stamp.  You only need a few supplies to make your own.

Supplies to make a wood block stamp ornament

You will need:

Wood block rubber stamps
Adhesive (Double sided tape, glue dots or hot glue)*
Ornament Hooks

Learn how to turn a rubber stamp into an Christmas tree ornament

1 – Gather your supplies.

2 – Measure ribbon to fit around the wood block and cut – set aside.

3 – Place your adhesive along the outer edge of the wood block where you’ll be applying your ribbon.

4 – Adhere the ribbon that you set aside to the wood block and secure.

5 – Make a simple knot bow; trim ends with a fishtail cut and place on the top center of your wood block (it might be best to use a dot of hot glue to adhere the bow)

6 – Slide an ornament hook through the top knot of the bow to hang.

Wood Block Rubber Stamp Ornament

Super simple, right?   This ornament also makes a great gift idea for anyone who loves stamping or crafting in general.  You could fill an entire tree with rubber stamp ornaments!  I would totally do that!!!!!

DIY Wood Block Rubber Stamp Ornament - make for for your Christmas tree decor!

Stamp Ornament

Stamp Ornament Craft

Create an ornament from a wood block stamp

I  hope you enjoyed this easy DIY craft project and that you have a HAPPY Holiday season!

Thank you Toni, for letting me share this fun idea with your readers!  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!

Make an ornament from a monogram rubber stamp
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Posted on December 10, 2015
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  1. sisilalala says:
    December 10, 2015

    really creative and beautiful ornaments, thanks for your sharing!

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