Glow In The Dark Party

Glow In The Dark Party-- Design Dazzle

If you are trying to plan a party that even your teenager would approve of you should check out this glow in the dark party. My very fun friend, Donna from Party Wishes  planned this party for her daughter’s 6th grade friends. With all the glow sticks and neon decor this party was rocking! It always adds to the fun when you have the guests dress up in white or neon (black light helps with the glow)!

Glow In The Dark Party-- Design Dazzle

Blacking out the walls with black kraft paper on a roll is a great idea if you want to use black lights to make all the neon and white decor glow.  Plastic table covers were used as the fringe hanging from the ceiling.

glow in the dark teen party ideas

Glow In The Dark Party-- Design Dazzle

These hula hoop chandeliers are awesome! She used plastic flagging tape and cut out different sized circles in neon paper.

Glow In The Dark Party-- Design Dazzle

Okay how cool is this glow in the dark cotton candy?! She used light up sticks to wrap the cotton candy around.

Glow In The Dark Party-- Design Dazzle

glow sticks in bulk

Here are a few black light ideas for parties– blacklights, black light responsive balloons and posters

Looks like all of the guests had a great time! And who can blame them, the party was fabulous! Great job on the glow in the dark party Donna! Donna does parties, see her amazing parties here. If you want to check out other teen party ideas check out Cover Girl Teen Party or this Teen Baseball Party featured on Design Dazzle.


Posted on July 25, 2013
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  1. Tali says:
    July 26, 2013

    I LOVE This. What a great idea, especially the candy floss around the glow sticks!!! I bet the kids had a blast!!

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