Fabulous Stairways With Kids In Mind

Colorfully Lined Stairs

Who knew you could have so much fun with staircases? As you can see above these bright stripes down the stairs add some interest to the white staircase. There are so many creative ways to make your stairs a little more personal to your home and fun for your kids. Using different woods, painting quotes or pictures, adding a slide, or even using your staircase as a bookshelf are some of the many different ways you can make your staircases works of art and fun to walk up. Look at some of these fabulous kid stairways for ideas for your own home.

Stair Slide

How fun is that slide next to the staircase? Kids would LOVE this! I would LOVE this!!

packing boxes stairs

These vintage wood packing boxes remind me of a pirate themed room or even an airplane theme for young boys.

children's books staircase

Different classic book titles painted on the stairs. This could be cute leading to the library or a kids room.

varied pattern staircase

These different patterned fabrics on the stairs makes for a creative staircase.

Lettered staircase

What a cute and appropriate quote for the stairs.

Nice thoughts stairs

These fun phrases would brighten anyone’s day as they walked up these stairs.

number stairs

Numbers counting the way up the stairs. What a good way to teach your children their numbers!

book staircase

Books under the steps is decorative and a good use of space for storage.

happy you're home staircase

I would love to see these stairs as soon as I got home.

vintage wood staircase

Use wood from different company boxes for a nice vintage feel.

Lettered stairs

The quote going up the stairs leaves a nice touch in the home.

pink spiral staircase

Girls would love this pink spiral staircase. Found on pinterest.

Piano staircase

Who wouldn’t want a piano staircase – especially musicians? Found on pinterest.

Posted on March 11, 2013
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