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hiyo design dazzle readers! i’m lisa from hoopla palooza, a place where i make serious fun! today i’m here thanks to toni and her team, to talk to you about your kids and summer vacation. do they love getting souvenirs on vacation? you know like key chains, tour maps, magnets, little toys and trinkets and such? what do they do when they get home with all that loot? well, here’s something they can use and it will also serve as a really cute memorabilia for both you and your kid! woohoo! it’s a win win!

here, check it out:

 with a trip to the dollar tree, you can help your kid put this together before vacation and they’ll have a ball filling it up. so let’s start ok?

first grab a dollar tree pie tin, the kind with the lid, a pair of dollar sunglasses with the arms removed, and cut out some yellow cardstock triangles of varying sizes. spray paint the outside of the pie tin, lid and all, and while it dries, gather the sunglasses and triangles.  here’s a quick synopsis for ya:


next up are the sun rays.


then have your kiddo decorate the sun’s face however they choose! mine used perler beads, a flower bead nose, and then finished with a black sharpie. i helped with the tacky glue letters before the beads were put on top. oh and make sure they put “summer 2015” on the lid.


when everything is finally dry,



then last but not least, once the tin is filled and the vacation is done, there’s only one more thing for your child to do:


and there you have it!


ok ok so his story isn’t quite done yet, and i used a bunch of old souvenirs he had in his desk drawer so i could make this post! but that’s only cuz our vacation time is right around the corner and we haven’t gone yet! but what fun it’ll be collecting little souvenirs for the tin. it’s also a great excuse not to have to buy a gigundo stuffed animal they crave cuz you can just say,”oh sorry sweetie, i don’t think it’ll fit in your tin!” hehe another win!



i’d do a happy dance just for you if you’d join me over my place, hoopla palooza. it’s a place for the crafter in you who can’t live without a tutorial on what to do with all the craft supplies you have hanging around your craft room and kitchen. i’m just a nurse with a passion for making original stuff that’s out of the box!

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Thank you, Lisa! What a great way to capture treasured summer vacation memories!
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Posted on June 19, 2015
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