Fourth of July Kids Crafts Made From Recyclables

Fourth of July kids crafts made using recyclable containers! Easy craft to make! - Design Dazzle

Fourth of July kids crafts made from recyclables are easy to make! These simple firecracker decorations are made using empty containers (oatmeal or hot cocoa container, etc) and craft foam sheets. Celebrate the spirit of Independence Day by showcasing fun holiday decor.

Tutorial to make the Firecrackers:


– 3 Empty Cylinder Canisters of different heights

– Foam Sheets (White, Red and Blue) (found at Michaels & Hobby Lobby for cheap!)

– Acrylic Paint (White and Blue)

– Tinsels Streamer Wands (Red, White and Blue)

– Pipe Cleaners


– Contact Paper

– Washi Tape

– 4th of July Themed Ribbon


– Hot Glue Gun

-Paint Brushes

– Scissors

– Xacto Knife



I keep a lot of empty containers that I think I could possibly use for a project. These canisters came in handy to make the fireworks decorations. They are different heights and had various circumferences for display purposes.

4th of july recycled crafts

What is so great about this project is that the foam sheets are so easy to use and kids can decorate them however they want to! Cut the foam sheets to the right size to wrap around the canisters. I made some tick marks when I wrapped the foam sheet around the canister and then just drew a straight line and used scissors to cut it out.

Stripes were painted on the red foam sheet. For the white foam piece I used the Cricut machine to cut a star out of the contact paper to make a stencil (look closely to see the stencil). I then painted the star onto the middle of the white foam along with blue stripes at the top and the bottom of the foam. Washi tape and ribbon were also used to decorate.

4th of July kids crafts using foam sheets and empty containers - Design Dazzle

Have the kids decorate the foam sheets however they would like. These are just some ideas for you and your kids but they are your firecrackers and you are the artist, get creative!

Fourth of July kids crafts made from recyclables - Design Dazzle

Trace the lids for each of the canisters on foam and cut those out for the tops of the firecrackers. An adult should hot glue the pieces onto the corresponding canisters.

4th of July recyclable kids crafts - Design Dazzle

Use an Xacto knife (adult only) to cut a little hole in the top of the firecrackers to stick the tinsel wands and 4th of July toppers (found at Michael’s). They  look like the fuse of the firecracker. I also made one out of shimmery pipe cleaners. So you can really use whatever you like when you make your own.

4th of July Firecracker Kids Crafts using empty containers and foam sheets - Design Dazzle

Your kids will feel a lot of pride in having made such cute decorations!


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