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It’s that time of year again! The halls are decked and the bells are jingled and soon your mailbox will be filled with tidings of joy and all those creative christmas cards with fabulously posed pictures of your friends’ kids and families. I admit, I am one of those nauseating people who actually does think about the family holiday card, oh, about the time the Easter bunny hops off.

But my cards are far from perfect; I think most times they show how my family really is. This year’s card theme was “wild heathen” as no one wanted to look at the camera, my son was karate chopping my daughter’s head and daughter screaming something (I’d like to think it was a nice holiday greeting, but I know better) into the wind. Yup. That’s my life in a nutshell. But I also think it’s my favorite card so far.

So where was I going with this? Ah, yes. The props. In all this “it’s just us-ness” I’ve always used one little Christmas element in our Christmas card photo. This year I opted for some glittery letters that spelled out “HoHoHo.” They looked dazzling and in their brilliant pink and lime green, they matched the shoot we did for our Florida Christmas theme. You can make these letters in any color your heart desires to add some crazy creativity to your photos.


  • Paper Mache letters
  • Spray adhesive
  • Fine glitter
  • Dowel rods or skewers

Step 1. Spray front and sides of letter with the spray adhesive. Be sure to use something to cover your surface before you spray!

Step 2. Pour glitter over letter evenly, making sure to shake some sparkle on the sides. Let dry.

Step 3. If you plan to stake them in the ground like in the photos above, flip the letters over and hot glue dowels or bamboo skewers onto the back. After they’re dry, they’re ready to use!


Thanks to Design Dazzle for inviting me to be part of the Christmas festivities. Hope you all have a holly jolly season!


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Paula is a party-loving mom of two tots living on the sunny beaches of Melbourne, Florida. She is the woman behind the frog at Frog Prince Paperie a printable party design group and blog dedicated to making parties magical.


Thanks for sharing, Paula! I love photos that capture personalities. 🙂
Come back tomorrow to see more ideas like Paula’s Holiday Photo Props!

Posted on December 1, 2012
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