Umbrella Spring Door Decor

Repurpose an old umbrella into beautiful spring door decor! Design Dazzle

Remember my fun Springtime in Paris Party from not too long ago? Today I’m sharing a spring craft that was the door decor for that theme. It has the same colors and Parisian feel of that fancy, feminine party. As I was deciding what to do for my Springtime in Paris Party, I remembered I had a bunch of umbrellas left over from my Mary Poppins Party. Since I’m all about repurposing and reusing what I already have, this idea was perfect!

Beautiful spring decor on Design Dazzle! #umbrelladoor #springdecor

This bright, fun umbrella is a great addition to the Springtime in Paris Party, or it would be great spring decor on its own! I hope you enjoy this umbrella door decor. What better way to welcome the April showers!

April showers bring May flowers! Make this fun spring decor on Design Dazzle.

  • large umbrella
  • white spray paint
  • acrylic craft paint in your choice of color (I used Craft Smart Ocean Breeze and Craft Smart Pink Rose on another)
  • foam paint brush
  • faux flowers of your choice

Step-by-step repurposing tutorial! Design Dazzle shows you how. #springdecor

Step 1: Prime the umbrella with a coat of white spray paint. This helps to make the paint really pop, since the umbrella is so dark. Make sure to cove the umbrella completely and evenly. In the photo above, you can see that I did not do a primer coat of spray paint. This was my first attempt and I was experimenting with the pink. You can see that the craft paint did not cover as well and it was difficult to cover every spot of the umbrella.

Step-by-step repurposing tutorial! Design Dazzle shows you how. #springdecor

Step 2: Once the primer coat has dried, use a foam brush to paint the acrylic craft paint directly onto the umbrella. Paint the whole top of the umbrella until it is completely covered. I decided to paint two coats for more even coverage and so it would appear less streaky. Let the first coat dry before you paint on the second coat. In the photo above, you can really see what a difference two coats of paint can make! (***Unfortunately, the acrylic paint does NOT adhere to the umbrella very well. It cracks. There may be a better option.) But if it’s not getting a lot of “handling” it’s probably fine.

April showers bring May flowers! Make this fun spring decor on Design Dazzle.

Step 3: Fill the umbrella with stems of beautiful faux flowers! I found all of these flowers at Michaels. They looked so Parisian and spring-y to me! You can arrange your flowers however you like. Be sure to use some packing peanuts, tissue or something to stuff the umbrella with if your flowers don’t want to stay in place.

Design Dazzle shows you how to repurpose an old umbrella for some beautiful spring door decor! #diydecor #springdecor

Step 4: Finally, hang the umbrella on the door. This door had an iron grille that I could hang the handle on. I would suggest using a wreath hook or command hook of some sort. Just make sure it is securely attached or hanging and won’t fall off or tip over!

Repurpose an old umbrella for some beautiful spring door decor on Design Dazzle! #diydecor #springdecor

I love this cute repurposed umbrella door decor! I hope it brightens up your springtime!



Posted on April 7, 2015
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  1. wanda j says:
    April 9, 2015

    Why not use spray paint for the final color too. Might try the ones now made for everything like Krylon and Rustoleum. They might be better choice since you used spray paint for primer. Just and Idea.

    • Toni - Design Dazzle says:
      April 20, 2015

      Yes, Wanda that was our first choice. But when I was creating this there was snow on the ground. So we had to paint inside. I am going to make another one and try spray paint next time.

  2. Katie Farmer @ Celebration Lane says:
    April 12, 2015

    Such a fun wreath for the front door for Spring, Toni! I might have to make one, if I can find an umbrella I don’t need anymore. 🙂

  3. Mary Myers says:
    April 14, 2015

    I love your attitude toward making re-purposed items do what you want them to do! The spring umbrella decoration is so refreshing, I am sick of wreaths. Your door is the perfect backdrop for the beautiful Spring bouquet.

    • Toni - Design Dazzle says:
      April 20, 2015

      Hi Mary,
      I so appreciate your kind words. The umbrella decor was very fun to make and I loved how it turned out.
      Thank you,

  4. Rhonda Duggan says:
    April 14, 2015

    love this idea going to try this

  5. Toni Wiley says:
    January 30, 2017

    Now I know why I procrastinated on throwing out my umbrellas that have broken! I also found some good umbrellas at a Goodwill store for $1 a piece! I have some extra spray paint and flowers left over from another project. My first go at it wont cost anything. Thanks Toni!

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