Repurpose Old Rubber Boots Into Christmas Decor

DIY Christmas Decor with old boots! Make it fabulous at #diyChristmas #christmascrafts #repurposed

Before you donate or throw away those dirty, old rubber boots that your kids have outgrown- consider this quick and easy tutorial to make some cute Christmas decor! Read more to see how to repurpose old rubber boots into Christmas decor. I’m all about shopping your home and making what you have into something fabulous and fun. The best part about these boots is that they are so simple to make, your kids can even help. These dirty old boots can easily become one of your cutest Christmas decorations!


Repurpose Old Rubber Boots Into Christmas Decor


Turn these dirty, old boots into your favorite Christmas decor! Tutorial on #diyChristmas #ChristmasDecor

Supplies to Make Christmas Boots:


DIY Christmas Decor from old, dirty boots on #ChristmasDecor

Step 1: Paint over the boots completely. You may need to do two coats if your boots had a pattern or design on them that is hard to cover. Let the paint dry. While the paint is drying, cut your tissue paper into 2 inch long strips.


Tutorial of how to make Christmas Decor from old boots on #diyChristmas

Step 2: This step is just like decoupage! Paint the tacky glue onto the boots. Then, place the tissue paper all over the boots in random directions. I thought it looked cute not to have the tissue paper on perfectly straight. I did not put tissue paper on the bottom edge of the boot. Do this until the entire boot is covered, except for the bottom edge.


Tutorial of how to make Christmas Decor from old boots on #diyChristmas

Step 3: I wanted it to look like the boot had a cuff, so I cut out two 4 inch thick strips of different tissue paper. I also cut out two strips of white tissue paper that were the same size as the cuffs, because I didn’t want to see the dark polka dot tissue paper through the cuff. Paint the boots where the cuffs go and place the tissue paper on.


Step 4: Because I glued on the tissue paper at random angles, I didn’t worry about having a straight edge on the bottom. Instead, after the boots had completely dried, I went back and cut around the edge with an exacto knife. Make these boots your own! Add embellishments, trim, greenery, etc.


DIY Christmas Decor with old boots! Make it fabulous at #diyChristmas

These boots are the perfect touch to your Christmas decor, but they can also be the start of a new Christmas tradition!


St. Nicholas candy for your kids! Leave boots out by the door and see what goodies St. Nicholas leaves on #diyChristmas #StNicholasDay

While St. Nicholas Day is not widely celebrated in the United Staes, it is very popular in Europe. I love this tradition and think we should bring it overseas! St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6. The night before (December 5), children put their shoes (or very cute Christmas boots!) out by their front door. While the children are sleeping, St. Nicholas will come and fill them with goodies! Naughty children may just receive a lump of coal in their boots.


Don't forget to leave your cute new Christmas boots out for St. Nicholas

Here is an example of some of the candy left for good children by St. Nicholas. I think I see some coal in there, but at least it’s only candy coal!


St. Nicholas Goodies! See more on #diyChristmas #StNicholasDay

Thank goodness St. Nicholas doesn’t forget about parents either! While the kids are enjoying their candies and goodies from St. Nicholas, parents can enjoy all the little packages wrapped up like in the photo above. After all, we all know that the best gifts come in small packages!

Repurpose old boots into Christmas decor for a family fun tradition - St. Nicholas Day. Design Dazzle #christmastraditions #repurpose #christmascrafts

 I know you will love this simple, beautiful DIY Christmas decor made from gross, old boots. Don’t forget to leave these cute boots out by the front door for St. Nicholas Day so Santa can leave a few goodies!

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