Summer BINGO printables

Summertime BINGO printable game

Hello everyone, I’m so excited to be participating in Summer Camp. I’m already loving all the ideas that are being shared, and my kids are super excited to try a bunch of them out. I’m Vanessa from Our Thrifty Ideas and today I’m sharing one of my kids’ favorite games. We love BINGO because it’s so easy for all ages to play and participate in.

Summertime BINGO printable game

The BINGO package comes with 4 sheets. Including 6 playing cards (2 per page) and one sheet that has the calling cards. I print mine off and once cut out, laminate them so that they last longer…especially with young kids playing with them.

Summertime BINGO printable game

Find a fun treat that you can use as markers. Small Sweet Tart or Smarties packages work really well. Just make sure you buy extra because I guarantee that the kids will eat a bunch!

Summertime BINGO printable game

Click here to download the Summer BINGO pack

Summertime BINGO printable game


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Posted on June 4, 2014
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