DIY: Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume

DIY Duck Dynasty Make Your Own Beard - Design Dazzle

We all know how hilarious the show Duck Dynasty is and we sure got a kick out of creating this little DIY: Duck Dynasty Halloween costume. This is an inexpensive, quick and easy costume that will have the best reaction at any door trick or treating!


– Camo Shirt and Pants (purchased at the thrift store)

– Bandana

– 9″ x 12″ Craft Fur Deluxe
(purchased at Hobby Lobby)

– Elastic String

– Hairspray


DIY: Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume -- Design Dazzle

This craft fur was $2.99 at Hobby Lobby and certainly made an inexpensive impressive beard.

DIY: Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume -- Design Dazzle

1. Start with the beard and hair. We cut the sheet of fur with a strip of 1 3/4 inches from the bottom then a strip of 1 3/4 inches from the side.

DIY: Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume -- Design Dazzle

2. Next cut the biggest rectangle into more of a trapezoid shape by cutting some triangles off from the top sides. (Look at the image for more details)

DIY: Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume -- Design Dazzle

3. Hairspray the beard and hair and rat it up real nice and messy.

DIY: How to make an inexpensive beard out of craft fur - Design Dazzle

4. Tie some elastic string at the side of the mouth of the beard. Hide the evidence by hair spraying some hair over it.

DIY: How to make a duck dynasty beard and hair - Design Dazzle

5. Roll the bandana for a nice thick headband. Glue the “hair strips” in place on the back of the bandana so that it will be on the side of the face when it is put on.

DIY Duck Dynasty Costume -- Design Dazzle

Now dress up your kid in the camo outfit. Put on the beard and bandana headband and WA-LAH! You have a member of Duck Dynasty in your family. Our handsome model is Easton! Easton liked the costume so much that he decided he wants to wear this for Halloween : )

Am I right? Is that not the easiest costume? With the best results?


Posted on October 5, 2013
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