Christmas Wonderful: Dough Ornament Sugar Cookie Kits

Dough Ornament Sugar Cookies Kits featured on Design Dazzle

I am de-light-ed to be sharing today at Design Dazzle, one of my long time favorite blogs!  I could always count on Design Dazzle to energize my mind with ideas for the little people in my life.

I am Lisa, and I blog at  I am passionate about the beauty of life.  I’m a lover of the seasons and find happiness in all the details.  I blog about the things that energize me: entertaining, parties, and home life.  Thank you Design Dazzle for having me today!

Today I want to share a holiday idea that could either be used as

1) a gift basket for friends


2) an after school Christmas activity to do with your kids

Dough Ornament Sugar Cookie Kits.

Sugar Cookie Kit is the perfect holiday gift this season! Featured on Design Dazzle

Oh and YES!  These ornaments really are cookie DOUGH.

Sugar Cookie Kit is the perfect holiday gift this season! Featured on Design Dazzle

Sugar cookies are a classic part of the Christmas season: covering hands and counters with flour, rolling out the sugared dough, cutting your favorite holiday shapes, filling the house with the smells of baked goodness, decorating rows of cookies, and leaving behind a messy kitchen counter full of color that looks like modern art.

I wanted to create a unique way to present slice and bake cookies that would excite kids and look adorable.  These KITS have everything needed to have a sugar cookie baking day!

– dough

– frosting

– cookie cutters

– toppings

– directions

First I used a clear tube to layer in all the fun toppings: mini chocolate chips to be pressed onto white frosting for snowman eyes, red hots to be perfectly placed as Rudolph’s nose, colored sprinkles for holiday celebrating, and gumdrops in every color for sugared houses.  

tube of toppings…

mini cutters…

pre-made frosting…
For the dough…

1) Prepare your favorite sugar cookie dough.  My number one favorite recipe is White Velvet Cutouts

2) Roll into a ball the size of a softball or baseball, depending on how big you want your “dough ornament” to be.  Roll into a bowl of sanding sugar in your color of choice.  I did white.  For the green ornament, I dyed my dough green before rolling into a ball.  

3) Carefully place in fridge for about 20 minutes until firm.

4) Use ornament tops and hooks and gently press into the tops of your ball ornaments.  

5)  Choose your favorite way to present your cookie dough ornament! I recommend clear containers. 

6)  Create a label and add instructions.  

And then TA DA!  You’ve just made a sugar cookie dough ornament in a handful of simple steps.

To use the dough, simple slice and bake or roll the glittery dough out and cut and bake as usual.
To finish your project, add the dough ornaments, frosting, cookie cutters, decorations, and toppings in a basket and they’re ready to be delivered to friends!
OR…arrange your basket on your dining room table RIGHT before your kids arrive home from school and surprise them with a holiday baking day!

Our boys had a lot of fun discovering their Sugar Cookie Kit in our home sweet home!  I turned on the Christmas lights, lit a mistletoe candle, and we started baking.




You can use this concept to create a fun appetizer at a Christmas party.  Instead of cookie dough, make a sweet sugared cream cheese ball (instead of savory cheese balls), and serve with pretzels and graham crackers.  It will look super cute on a holiday buffet table!


I hope you enjoy your moments this December! 
Grabbing a cluster of minutes to spend time
 celebrating Christmas classics 
are the things that are forever remembered.
Merry, Merry

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Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa! This looks fun!

UPDATE:  Lisa went back in the kitchen and made a sweet cheesecake chocolate chip ball
instead of cookie dough for a party. I hear it was quite a hit! Thanks, Lisa!

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  1. Ms. D says:
    December 7, 2012

    Thank you Lisa for sharing your dough ornament. It has got to be the cutest idea/gift I have ever seen. Merry Christmas!

  2. Nann says:
    December 12, 2012

    Clever and delicious gift idea. I just love it and want to do some of these for both friends and family this year!

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