Toy Drive Kids Party: Give & Be Sweet!

Hello Design Dazzle fans!  I’m Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations. I am excited to share my latest holiday party with you! 
Theme: Christmas toy drive party ~Love~ Give~ Be sweet~

Toy Drive Kids Party: Give & Be Sweet! Christmas is the perfect season to give to others.  I am encouraged to teach my daughters that we are to love and share with others who are less fortunate.  Parties don’t need to be about them all the time.  I told them we were hosting a kids holiday party where their friends could come and donate a Christmas gift for other little kids who might not have parents, or might be sick in the hospital, etc. They were excited!

Kids Toy Drive Party is the perfect way to catch the Spirit of Giving this season! Featured on Design Dazzle

My friend Lindi made the invitation, tags, and labels: Love the Day

Party styling and ideas: A to Zebra Celebrations
Thank you favors bags and paper straws:  Cakes and kids too
Cupcakes: Buttercream Bling

Toy Drive Party featured on Design Dazzle
I am always looking for ways to throw a great party on a budget! I also like to reuse and recycle a lot of my decorations.  The backdrop behind the desserts table is scrapbook paper for $.16 cents a sheet at Michaels.  I spent less than $5 to put that together.  I have a basket with tons of Christmas ribbon so I added those bows on the paper to make it look like “gifts”.  The Christmas trees were cut at my local scrapbook store. 

I pulled out all of my Christmas decorations I have collected over the years.  I buy most of my decorations after Christmas when they are on sale for 75% off and even 90% off at Hobby Lobby.  I also shop at garage sales and Goodwill for jars, platters, tablecloths, etc.  You’d be amazed the treasures you can find!

I bought all the holiday candy with coupons and some at the Dollar Tree.  It was great to receive donations from some websites since this was a charity event.  The cute paper bags and white cupcake stands are from Cakesandkidstoo.  You could contact your local stores for donations as well. 


My friends were happy to help as well.  One of them made the cutest brownies in the shape of a Christmas tree! They were a hit!

Yummy delicious cupcakes from my friend, Courtney. She is local and has her own business, Buttercream Bling

Polka dot market was happy to donate plates, napkins, cups.  I made the table runners and ribbon garlands to dress up the table.  Green punch made with lime soda and lime sherbert, hot cocoa and bottled water. The kids loved it!

The kids enjoyed making Christmas crafts.  I got all the ideas from Pinterest.

I set up a table where all the kids put the gift they brought to donate.  I also made a “THANK YOU” banner with scrapbook paper.  

The girls received a cute Christmas clip from Masterpieces of Fun Art. They were adorable!

Here are all the happy kids!
Thank you all for letting me share my ideas! I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!
Invitation, tags, party circles:
Christmas clips:
Paper straws, paper bags and cupcake stands:
Banners, table runners and styling:



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  1. Anonymous says:
    December 3, 2011

    i love the party idea, 'love, give and be sweet!

  2. Home Designer says:
    December 3, 2011

    This event is such an inspiration. Congratulations to the people behind this event. May you have lots of blessings this Christmas!

  3. The Partiologist says:
    December 4, 2011

    What a wonderful party and such a terrific idea! I am in love the the three tier peppermint stand, may I ask where you found it?

  4. Katie@a mom, a wife, and a me says:
    December 4, 2011

    This is one very inspiring party! Next christmas party we will be doing this for sure!

  5. A To Zebra Celebrations says:
    December 5, 2011

    Thank you for your sweet comments! The 3-tier peppermint stand was purchased at a local boutique here in AZ. The boutique went out of business 🙁

  6. Partycraft Secrets says:
    December 7, 2011

    amazing – truly amazing!

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