How to Make a Fairy Garden!

Get some tips on how to make a beautiful fairly garden with the kids! You will love this family project!

Always wanted to know how to make a fairy garden?  Fairy Gardens are a fun project  you can do with your kids!

 Learning how is the first step to opening up your child’s curiosity.  The best part of making a fairy garden is seeing your child use their imagination!

Get some tips on how to make a beautiful fairly garden with the kids! You will love this family project!

Choose a pot or find a spot in your garden where your fairies can live.

Here are some of the supplies you can have your kids start to search for.  You probably have a lot of these items in your home.

Popsicle sticks, small rocks, pebbles to create paths and milk cartons, big and small make great fairy houses.   Find small plants, succulents, and moss to create a woodsy feel.  Sticks and twigs can be used to make bridges and fences.  Play dough or clay can be made into little tiny dishes or mushroom shaped chairs.  Start with a little and then you can add more as you find more items.

Fairy Garden Broken Pot that is too cute for words.

Don’t throw away your broken pots! Learn how you can take the the broken pieces of a pot to make tiny stairs that lead to a roof-top fairy garden!

fairy garden and boys

Fairy Garden Table

This is a fun idea for making a fairy garden in a garden box.  Make this an event!  Gather up your supplies and invite the neighbor kids over!  Every child would love to make a fairy garden!

fairy garden tree

What fairy couldn’t resist checking into this fairy hotel hidden in the base of a tree?

Fairy Garden 2015 108

Look at these tiny accessories I found.  Little stepping stones, tiny pots, velvet tufted acorns.

Fairy Garden 2015 124

I even found a day bed and a little dog at my local garden supply store!

Fairy Garden 2015 127

You can use anything to make your fairy garden.  Old pots and pans, an old drawer, even a colander!

fairy garden wings

What plants work best with fairy gardens?  There’s a whole list here.

fairy garden bird houses

These wooden bird houses can be picked up at your local craft store.  fairy garden tinker bell

Add a little paint and make them into fairy garden houses!

fairy garden flower pot girls

No garden would be complete without some flower pot fairy gardens!  Find out how you can make these adorable fairies for your own garden.

Fairy Garden party

Be the favorite Mom on the block and host your own Fairy Garden party!  Look how simple these fairy gardens can be using the base of a flower pot!

fairy garden party supplies

Lay out a tarp, then give the kids a list of items they can search for in the yard.  Once they’ve found their tiny treasures, set out some simple supplies and let the kids run with it!

fairy garden back yard

Doesn’t this fun garden just draw you in?  You can tell this is a favorite place for fairies to live!

fairy garden bridge

How to make a fairy garden ladder.  Sometimes fairies need a little help getting up into high places!

fairy garden camp fire

Warm yourself by your little fairy fire, but make sure your fairy is very careful and doesn’t get her wings too close to the heat!

fairy garden swing

The possibilities are endless.

The best part is your fairy garden does not need to be completed in one day.

You’ll find your children always be searching for little items to put in their fairy gardens.

Let your imagination run wild and your children will love you for it.

The most important part is the time you’ll spend with your children while learning how to make a fairy garden.


Posted on March 23, 2015
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