Summer Camp: Rainbow Bird Streamers

Before school let out, I happened by my son’s preschool while they were on the playground. I still smile thinking about what I saw this group of little ones doing–vibrantly using their imaginations with simple props. Holding the handles of long streamers that trailed behind them, they chased each other through the playground as “rainbow …continue reading

Summer Camp: Shoot for the Stars Game

Hi Everyone! I am Jenny Raulli from Bloom Designs Online and I am delighted to be here at Summer Camp on Designs Dazzle. My blog is all about parties, paper personlized and pretty. I think the best thing about summer is being able to sit outside at night and enjoy the stars. Late last summer, …continue reading

Summer Camp: Summer Treasure Boxes

Hi, I’m Candice from She’s Crafty.  I’m super excited to be here at Design Dazzle today. We are in full on summer mode in our house with laid back days of sleeping in, swimming, going to the movies, staying up late and other adventures.  One of my goals for this summer (and every summer) is …continue reading