Let’s Play Outdoors

Are your kids bored? Send them outside to play! Check out this great collection of ideas from Summer Camp archives that will have your kids yelling, “Let’s Play Outdoors!” Here are some of our all-time favorite Summer Camp posts all about playing outdoors in the summertime. Turn Your Deck Into a Board Game Giant Bubbles …continue reading

Yard Yahtzee Summer Camp Fun

Summer Camp Fun Yard Yahtzee Hi everyone, it’s Jessica from Everyday Party Magazine.  I have 4 boys that stay home with my husband and I all summer long.  My husband and I are fortunate enough to be able to work from home 90% of the time, but, my kids want to be kids and play! …continue reading

5 fun games to play with paper plates!

Hi! I’m Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun. My kids. and summer. home. all day. They need some entertaining about 3 days in… (for their sanity and mine!) But I don’t like things that will break the bank–So I’ve come up with 5 fun activities to do with paper plates! 1. Paper plate …continue reading

Twister Summer Boredom Buster!

Hello Design Dazzle Fans! Sherri, Deb and I are so excited to be participating again in this year’s Design Dazzle Summer Camp! We are three sisters from three states who keep our families close by testing one pin at a time at MadeFromPinterest.net. We love that we can work together even though we live far …continue reading

Make A Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game From Tomato Cages

If you are trying to find a way to get your family outdoors making good summer memories here is a fabulous family game! Make a giant outdoor Kerplunk game from tomato cages! On those hot summer days or nights you can get outside with family of any age and play this exciting game of suspense …continue reading

Summer-time Boredom Busters

My daughter has been out of school (pre-school) for two weeks.  And I love her to death, and I love spending extra time with her, but I can already tell that she is getting a little bored and in DESPERATE need of some Boredom Busters! We have had multiple conversations that begin something like this, …continue reading

{Summer Camp} Turn YOUR DECK into a BOARD GAME!

Hello Everyone! My name is Desiree from The 36th Avenue. I am SO EXCITED and honored  to visit here today as one of the Summer Camp Counselors Thanks Toni for having me…♥ Among all of the hundreds of things that I love to do I have to say that spending time with my family is …continue reading