Christmas Caroling Ideas

I love Christmas caroling! There’s just something magical about voices joining together in song on a dark night. It might be that walking around in the dusk with only the stars and my family around me connects me to that first Christmas in a way that just doesn’t happen at any other point in the …continue reading

Cookie Dough Neighbor Gift Idea + Free Printable Tags

Making cookie dough as a family is one of our favorite neighbor gift ideas…partly because everyone enjoys eating some of the dough in the process and also because then we have some yummy frozen cookie dough to make cookies later for ourselves! 😉 This is an idea I shared a couple of years ago. But …continue reading

Neighbor Gift Idea – Sugared Nuts

Sugared Nuts recipe and free printable tags from Design Dazzle

Earlier this month I gave you a little peek at the post I recently shared over at The Crafting Chicks – one of our family’s many favorite neighbor gift ideas – Sugared Nuts. I wanted to share it with you as well! ALL of our family gets involved in this. Everyone helps to make, create, …continue reading