Summer Nature Fun

DIY Nature Journal

Have you spent time in the woods recently? Do you remember that calm feeling you get when your standing under the dappled shade of tall trees? OK….I’ll admit hiking in the woods with your kids doesn’t always go according to plan and it’s rarely as peaceful as hikes can be without kids.  But with a …continue reading

Boy’s Nature Bedroom

Have a nature loving boy on your hands?  If so, this room is a perfect idea to let the outdoors find it’s way indoors! The DIY adventures did an amazing job on making you feel like you’re on a nature walk when inside this boy’s bedroom. Wonderful incorporation of the bed looking like a hiking cottage …continue reading

Wildlife Boy Nursery

This Wildlife Boy nursery has a wonderful blend of neutral colors with great accents of nature and animals. The dark blues and greens give it a peaceful feel that brings the room to life. A wildlife theme is a great way to incorporate many details such as books, toys, paintings and other object relating to nature. The deer …continue reading