Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

Now that winter has finally arrived and the kids are probably home from school for Christmas break, you might be needing some ideas to help you AND the kids keep your sanity for the next little bit. We gathered some fun indoor winter activities for kids to keep those little ones busy if it’s too …continue reading

Summertime Cube and Activities

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here today for Summer Camp. Doesn’t that just excite you..we made it to summer! I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company. I am a mother to 5 little kidlets who like to have a LOT to do during the summer! My least favorite words are “I’m bored”. Living …continue reading

Indoor Activities for Winter Break

Winter Indoor Crafts & Activites for Kids

Indoor Activities for Winter Break! Christmas is such an exciting time! The anticipation, the games, the fun….it really is magical! But the weeks after Christmas can be brutal. The kids are coming off of a sugar rush of EPIC PROPORTIONS and the novelty of the new toys wears off amazingly quickly. To help save my …continue reading

Rainy Day Kids Activities

Rainy day season is headed our way (or here for some of us) and it can be very overwhelming when you have no plans that are rainy day proof. We found some rainy day kids activities that can help any parent keep their kids entertained and learning for a good while.  This activity is a …continue reading