Elf Ideas and Free Printables

Magic Elf Printables

I know a lot of you have an Elf visiting your home right now, so we thought it would be fun to share some of our elf ideas we’ve featured over the years. Last year we released some darling elf printables that you’re welcome to download and use with your visiting elf, including Magic Elf …continue reading

Cute Elf Stationery, Fun Elf Ideas & More Free Printables

As promised, we’re back with some more wonderful elf ideas. For me, that would be the hardest part of the elf tradition…thinking of new ideas for your visiting elf every night, but luckily you have us here to help you with that! 😉 Elf Hugs & Kisses Label Have your elf bring some hugs & …continue reading

Magic Elf Pudding + Free Printable

Does a special elf visit your house around this time of year? It’s a fun Christmas activity that has become a yearly tradition in many homes, and today I wanted to share a fun idea that YOU can use if the elf’s hanging around your house right now…Magic Elf Pudding! Everyone knows that an elf’s …continue reading