How to Do a Church Christmas Grinch Party on a Budget

This year, I was asked to be in charge of our church Christmas party- which is huge! We decided what could be more fun than a Grinch Party! I needed to figure out the food, the decorations, the program, and how everything would work together. Today, I’m going to share some of my greatest tips for …continue reading

Merry Mix

Hi! I’m Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun! and I’m super excited to be here!!! for Halloween I whipped up this fun Monster Mix and I thought…why not do a Christmas themed version! A Merry Mix! You give each kid a little bag and let them add a spoonful of whatever they like! …continue reading

Marshmallow Pops DIY

Who doesn’t love marshmallows, especially ones on super cute straws? We created some pretty AND yummy marshmallow pops for this kids DIY. Hi, Jennifer here of BellaGrey Designs! We are thrilled to be part of Design Dazzle’s Christmas Wonderful! Ingredients needed: Jumbo {or extra large marshmallows} Flavored Candy Melts Sprinkles or Edible Decorations Ribbon Straws …continue reading