Edible Oreo Snowman

I love simple projects and activities that kids can be a part of, and even better, create together as a family! This Oreo snowman is a great way to involve the kids in making their own treats or gifts; and this is something that would make a sweet treat for a friend, teacher or neighbor …continue reading

Christmas In A Can

The Christmas in a Can project is sweet and simple. A very long time ago I created a Christmas in a can to give out as our family gifts that year. It was very well received. It works well to use as a family night Christmas activity for the recipient. The options for this project …continue reading

The Best Teen Gifts and Games!

Best games & gifts for teens this Christmas season

Although teens can be hard to shop for at times, they can also be really fun to shop for!  To make shopping for your teen more fun for you, we’ve made a list (and checked it twice!) of the best teen gifts and games to give this holiday season.   This fun, question-asking card game …continue reading

Teacher Gift Guide for the Holidays

Teacher gift guide

This season is a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude for the many people in our lives, especially teacher who have such a large impact on our children’s lives.  We put together this Teacher Gift Guide for the Holidays to give you some fun ideas for gift for the teachers in your life! This post …continue reading