Camping Parties

cool camping party ideas

Camping Parties — all of the great parts of camping in a single party PLUS you get to go home and sleep in your own bed! I happen to live in a house full of happy campers. They love to camp. They love hiking and cooking over an open fire. Lanterns and s’mores? Bring it …continue reading

Backyard Camping

Fun Backyard Camping Ideas for Summer

Summer is winding down but it’s not too late to get in a little backyard camping! Actually, backyard camping makes for a wonderful fall weekend activity. Backyard camping is my favorite type of camping because it’s so close to my kitchen, my comfy bed and, most importantly, my bathroom. The other big advantage to backyard …continue reading

10+ Grab and Go Summer Picnic Food Ideas

I love taking the kids on picnics. During the summer we bring picnic dinners with us to our neighborhood pool…and to summer concerts in the park…. and sometimes on playground outings. I’ve learned a few things about picnicking over the past few years. When it comes to picnicking with kids, it is always easier to …continue reading

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt and S’mores Printable

Fun outdoor scavenger hunt and s'mores treat toppers with free printables included! This would be fun for an outdoor party or camping trip.

Hi guys! Jenn here from Clean and Scentsible. I’m so happy to be back for another year of summer camp!  Summer is my most favorite time of the year and I love having the extra time to hang out with my two boys.  We always try to fit in at least a few family camping …continue reading