Sand Craft Ideas

super fun sand craft ideas

I have a love/hate relationship with sand. I love seeing my kids play in the sand at the beach. I love getting right in there with them to build sandcastles and dig dig dig! But oh man, sand gets just everywhere. You know what I’m talking about. It gets on the floor and in the …continue reading

Burlap Party Decor Inspiration + Tips

burlap party decor inspiration and tips

I LOVE the versatility of burlap. There are so many ways to use it for parties. It’s relatively inexpensive and you can use it for almost any theme party! It adds such a rustic and chic look to any gathering. But – like everybody knows – when you’re hosting a party, people tend to make …continue reading

DIY Roman Shades


I’ve been slowly entering into the world of making my own blinds and curtains. For the longest time I thought that I just didn’t have enough knowledge to make decent window treatments. Then one day I got brave and tried my hand at window toppers for my family room. That was it. I fell in …continue reading

Star Wars Party Ideas

creative star wars party ideas

Star Wars is all of the rage these days! It’s no surprise, however – with the newest installment of the series FINALLY hitting theaters this Christmas, fans are finally getting the film they’ve been waiting decades so patiently for! If you have a child (…or adult!) who has always dreamed of having a Star Wars …continue reading

Decorating Door Ideas for Girls

unique door decorating ideas for girls

Doorways can lead to enchantment. They can be a valuable tool in keeping pesty brothers out of personal space. Every room has at least one doorway. Use your door as another element in your design with the collection of fabulous door decorating ideas for girls rooms that we found! Update your door, your closet or …continue reading

12+ Nautical Party Ideas For Boys

12 fun nautical party ideas

Does your little guy dream of setting sail on the open water? Feeling the sea breeze at the helm? …or think boats are cool? Nautical-themed parties are always classic and fashionable – the bold and bright colors, crisp lines, and unique decor are always a hit for adults and kids alike! Before you get swept …continue reading

Free Printables for Graduation

free graduation printables

Graduates come in all ages. Whether your graduate is finishing preschool or graduating college, you have great cause to celebrate! There are lots of free printables for graduation out there. We’ve put together a collection of our favorites…ones that don’t include the graduation year. Graduation Party Free Printables Chalkboard Style Graduation Party Printables Graduation Owl …continue reading

Unique Graduation Gift Ideas

unique graduation gift ideas

Here are 10 graduation gift ideas for your new graduate!  Show them you are really proud by honoring their big day with one of these fun gift ideas! This cool time capsule can be filled with your graduate’s favorite memories from Kindergarten through graduation. Every grad could use a book on how to grow up!  “Adulting. …continue reading

12+ Fantastic Graduation Party Ideas

fantastic graduation party ideas

They fly by, don’t they? Those years, I mean. All of a sudden, the little one you just brought home from the hospital is walking across the stage in a cap and gown, ready to take on the world. How did that happen? Seriously…like, how? Well, thankfully, amidst the heartbreak, there is some good news. …continue reading

12+ Fantastic Ideas for a Lego Party

awesome lego party ideas

What is it about lego? The bright colors and endless possibilities make it just about impossible for imaginative kids to resist! (…ya. I don’t love stepping on it either.) Since the release of The Lego Movie a couple of years ago, it seems like lego parties have been becoming more and more popular! We’ve decided …continue reading