Garden Party: Posies, Paisleys and WOW on a Budget


  I’ve spent the last couple years helping people design all kinds of different parties, but the one thing that people ask about time and time again is how can I stay on budget and still get the “Wow” factor? Let’s be honest, we all want to throw gorgeous parties without regretting it when our …continue reading

Striped Baby Nursery


This striped baby nursery looks so calm and inviting. Do you think my children would notice if I snuck in here to take a nap? The crisp white is complimented by the pale blue that appears on the wall stripes, on the chandelier, on the drawer knobs and even on that comfy looking chair. Those …continue reading

Boys Modern Orange Striped Bedroom


Does your teen love a vibrant color that you just can’t visualize covering an entire room? Blogger and DIY mom Linda can relate. She says, “When I asked my son what he wanted, his only request was orange.  Its been his all-time favorite color for as long as he could say the word (and perhaps …continue reading

My Favorites…


Set sail to an awesome Pirate Party adventure by Notable Nest. Love, love, love! Thanks for all of the awesome ideas submitted last week! They are some of my favorites! At this time, I’ve decided to discontinue the link up party. So I’m really sad I won’t get to see all your amazing talents. I really do …continue reading

DIY: Parisian Chair


I have to admit that while I enjoy sewing, sometimes I can complete a project much faster without sitting down at my machine. Part of the charm of this DIY: Parisian Chair is that it is a NO-SEW project! It really is amazing what a hot glue gun, fishing line and a rubber band can …continue reading

Vintage Mod Nursery


Rich chocolate brown walls touched with accents of pea green and burnt orange don’t normally scream “nursery!” but Ginny Phillips was able to create this warm and inviting 70s Mod Nursery on the cheap. Ginny says, “Our inspiration was the 1970s and trees.  I didn’t want it to get too theme-y, AND we were on …continue reading

Headboard Ideas For Boys Rooms


Creative headboard ideas are a great way to bring a lot of personality into a bedroom. The personalized rope name on this repurposed barn door headboard is a really nice touch. Your little outdoorsman might love his very own boat bed.   These old door headboards are stylish and inexpensive. I love that they picked a bright color …continue reading

Anyone Attending The SNAP Conference?


Anyone attending the SNAP conference later this week in Utah? If so, I’m going and would love to meet you! I’m excited to meet fellow bloggers, creative friends and gals I admire! Also, looking forward to some fantastic ideas and great fun!  

Swing Away


We have a friend who has installed a small rope swing in the basement / play area of their house.  At first I thought it was a little silly, until I took my children there, and then I realized it was pure genius!! Swing Away!! My children were in heaven!  To have the ability to …continue reading

DIY: Paper Rosettes

how to make paper rosettes from paper window shades - Design Dazzle

I am so excited to announce that Design Dazzle has been selected as a Featured Content Partner for Kirkland’s Pinning Parlor. What’s that? You aren’t familiar with Kirkland’s Pinning Parlor? Not to worry. You’re not alone. It’s all new. Kirkland’s, a chain of home-decor stores that stocks an impressive selection at very reasonable prices, has …continue reading