Organization: Kids Bathroom Ideas

Having an organized kid-friendly bathroom is all about accessibility. Kids need to be able to reach what they need and (more importantly!) put things away when they are done.  Easy clean-up is key. Love that each child has their own mirror, towel, step stool and metal trash can in this bathroom.   Easy clean-up is key. I …continue reading

Wall Organization Ideas For Kids

Your house has a secret organization weapon that is frequently overlooked: WALL SPACE. It’s time to start looking at your walls and thinking about what you can get up off your floor or off of your counters. Ask yourself these questions: What problem area do I want to solve? Can I put it on the wall? How do I make it …continue reading

Organization: Board Game Storage

I have to admit that although most of my house is organized, the closet where the board games are stored is the lowest of the low on my cleaning list. I recently contemplating throwing out every single board game just to get rid of the mess. But my kids love to play the games so …continue reading

Organization: Playroom Toy Storage

10 Kids toy storage ideas

We all know that kids have lots of toys and keeping them all organized and stored nice and neat can be a huge problem! Especially since they probably got some new ones for Christmas. Maybe it’s time to sort through the toys and get rid of some that don’t get played with very often. Today …continue reading

Every Parent and Grandparent Should Read This…

This darling sweet girl tragically was killed by a small dresser (located in her bedroom) that had fallen on top of her. Who knew even small furniture can pose a hazard?? Toppling furniture has killed scores of children and thousands have been injured. Not only is falling furniture a potential hazard but so are televisions. …continue reading

Star Wars Kids Rooms

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… We found some great ideas for a Star Wars themed kids room! Maybe you want your child to grow up to be a jedi, or maybe you just love the movies, but either way this kids room is a fun spin on a typical nursery or …continue reading

Our Top Posts of 2012

party ceiling idea using plastic table covers Happy New Year!! Looking back on over 300 posts for 2012 I decided to feature some of our top posts of 2012 (traffic count) in no particular order. Dresser turned into a bench Summer Camp: Fishing Game for Kids 50 ideas for car-themed boys rooms Kids storage and …continue reading

Winter Indoor Fun

It was only last weekend when I took my kids to the park, twice!  It was beautiful weather!  Sunny, warm and quite lovely for a park day!  When Monday rolled around, it was freezing!  We got rain, hail and snow all in the same day! So no more park days for us this year.  I …continue reading

Interview with Joan Lunden + New Product – Twiztt Cookware

Twiztt image

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to interview Joan Lunden and try out her new cookware line – Twiztt.  We had a great time getting to know Joan a little better and finding out more about her fabulous new products! You probably remember Joan as the host of Good Morning America for …continue reading

Merry, Merry Christmas!!

front of our Christmas card Wishing you a joyful and wondrous Christmas. Thank you to all of our lovely dear readers!! This blog wouldn’t be much without your clicks, reads, comments and friendship. So thank you very much. I hope you have a truly happy Christmas day and may all of your Christmas wishes come …continue reading