What To Put In Your 72 Hour Kits

September is national emergency preparedness month so of course it got me thinking about how prepared my family is in the event of an emergency. Have you ever thought of what you might do if a disaster strikes where you live? It’s one of those thoughts that although scary, is so great to have on …continue reading

Tasty Treats for Summer

The lazy, hazy, crazy days for summer call for some special summertime food….food that is either super fast to make or food that is  designed to help you cool down with a smile. We went through the Summer Camp Archives to find all of our favorite tasty treats for summer. Check out some of our …continue reading

Let’s Play Outdoors

Are your kids bored? Send them outside to play! Check out this great collection of ideas from Summer Camp archives that will have your kids yelling, “Let’s Play Outdoors!” Here are some of our all-time favorite Summer Camp posts all about playing outdoors in the summertime. Turn Your Deck Into a Board Game Giant Bubbles …continue reading

Sanity Saver Summer Calendar

Summer Calendar Free Printable

Set yourself up for success with this free printable Sanity Saver Summer Calendar! Carrie here. I’m one of Toni’s Dazzling Assistants. My kids attend year-round school so we’re just coming off of one of our long breaks. I’m here today to share with you my Sanity Saver Summer Calendar. This past break (which is called …continue reading

Summer Camp: Homemade Dinosaur Fossils

Make these homemade dinosaur fossils for a fun-filled activity with your kids! Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer from My Daylights and I’m happy to be guest posting today! My kids and I love making things together, especially if it involves learning (at least I think so). Summer has officially arrived and we have started on our …continue reading

The Abolitionists Movie: You Can Make a Difference!

On Monday, May 16th, we’re asking everyone to see the documentary, “The Abolitionists.”  You can make a difference in the life of a child. Seriously. Watch the movie. Learn about the problem of sex trafficking in our country and around the world. 15% of ticket proceeds go directly to saving children. What is this movie? …continue reading

Zombie Party

zombie outbreak

I’ve got to be honest and say that I’m not ready for a zombie apocalypse and trying to survive ; ) . But thanks to an amazing Zombie Party put together by my sweet friend Carrie Callaway I know a group of boys who are totally going to survive. Carrie designed this Zombie Party complete …continue reading

Video Game Storage Ideas

pacman bookshelf- perfect for gaming storage!

Tired of XBox and WII components and games taking over your family room or play room? Gaming systems, games and controllers have a way of sprawling all over a room. We’ve put together a collection of video game storage ideas to help tame the mess! http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/game-changing-storage-solutions-that-will-expand-your-hor#.dtpnjlRLd How about some honeycomb book cases? Great idea taken …continue reading

Elf Workshop Party

Creative elf workshop party

The perfect way to celebrate a December birthday is an Elf Workshop Party! Don’t let the holidays cast a shadow over your little one’s birthday. You can celebrate with a holiday themed party, like Life Frosting did, that all little kids will love! Santa needs some little Elves to help him get ready for the …continue reading

Salt Dough Ornaments

Hello Design Dazzle readers! We are the girls from My Mommy Style and we love to strengthen families through activities, yummy food, traditions, and fun. Christmas is one of our favorite times of year but we know that it can get crazy in a hurry. How can we still find time to create moments that …continue reading

Christmas Wonderful Series is Coming!

Get ready for a collection of fantastic Christmas ideas for kids! I’m so excited because our 5th annual Christmas Wonderful series starts on Monday!  We have amazing, talented bloggers who will be participating and sharing ideas such as crafts, decorating ideas, dessert ideas, gifts to make, printables, party fun, DIY projects, inspiration and more!  When it’s all done …continue reading

Kids Books for Fall

Fabulous kids books for Fall!

Fall is here! I love to read no matter what the season, but there is something magical about sitting outside under a tree enjoying a book. Grab a blanket and your kids to curl up with some of our read-aloud fall favorites! We’ve put together a list of over a dozen delightful kids books for …continue reading

10 of our Favorite Fall Printables

Fabulous fall printables

I love to bring the beautiful colors of fall into my home each year. But my decorating budget (and my patience for seasonal decorations!) doesn’t extend to include large displays. I was so happy when I found my first Fall Printables. I printed it out and popped it into a frame I had lying around. …continue reading

Darling Playhouse

darling playhouse

Check out this absolutely darling playhouse! Laurel over at Parcel and Frock came up with the rough plan for this cute and charming playhouse. After trying unsuccessfully to hire contractors and playground building companies to take her design and make it a reality, Laurel hit upon the genius idea of reaching out to a local career center. So …continue reading

Adorable Puppy Party

Adorable puppy party

Cute cute cute! This Adorable Puppy Party was put together by Beth from Jolee Studio to celebrate her son’s 4th birthday. The food display looks delicious and oh-so-colorful with pops of red, white and blue. There was pupcorn, pupcakes, pup pops and some amazing looking cookies. But what really took this party from cute to fantastic …continue reading

Birthday Celebrations for Sick Kids

super hero banner

This week my littlest turns 8 and we are unexpectedly housebound. My oldest two kids came down with chicken pox (?!?!!!!!) this week despite having the vaccinations. We’re quarantined for the next 7-10 days. This means that almost all of our normal birthday traditions are on hold. The original plan was to head to Dave …continue reading

Pillowcase Art Party Activity

trace to create amazing pillowcase arts

A few years ago I stumbled across the idea of using fabric markers to personalize pillowcases. Apparently I’m not the first to discover this great idea! (above image from pinterest). And by great, I mean truly GREAT. We’ve used fabric markers on pillowcases as a party activity several times in my house. Each and every …continue reading

Last Minute Party Ideas

last minute birthday party ideas

Sometimes time gets away from you (especially with kids in the house!) and the next thing you know it’s almost birthday time and you have nothing planned. It’s OK. It happens to even the best party planners sometimes. I know a few amazing gals who throw tremendous parties for a living and yet sometimes get down …continue reading

Budget Birthday Parties

We showcase a lot of gorgeous and amazing parties. We’ve shown you amazing dessert tables and backdrops worthy of their own magazine spreads. And while I’ll admit that I love to see the phenomenal creations that some party planners stage, the reality is that the phrase “money is no object!” rarely crosses any of our …continue reading

Camping Parties

cool camping party ideas

Camping Parties — all of the great parts of camping in a single party PLUS you get to go home and sleep in your own bed! I happen to live in a house full of happy campers. They love to camp. They love hiking and cooking over an open fire. Lanterns and s’mores? Bring it …continue reading

Citrus Party Ideas

Citrus-themed party ideas

Capture the warmth of sunny summer days with the gorgeous colors and flavors of citrus. Citrus parties are a new trend and I can totally see why! Yellow lemons, green limes and vibrant oranges combine to create stunning tables. And I don’t know about you, but citrus flavors make my mouth water every time. Delicious! …continue reading