Edible Oreo Snowman

I love simple projects and activities that kids can be a part of, and even better, create together as a family! This Oreo snowman is a great way to involve the kids in making their own treats or gifts; and this is something that would make a sweet treat for a friend, teacher or neighbor gifts for the holidays!  Whatever the occasion, whomever receives it will absolutely love it! And who doesn’t like Oreo’s?



white fudge covered Oreos

candy corn or orange fondant

black edible ink marker

Twizzlers Twists, Rainbow – licorice

white Candy Melts (click here for my fool proof candy melt method!)

white chocolate chips or coconut

First, layout your snowman and decide on how you wish to assemble it. You can give it three Oreos for the body (as shown) or, you use two if you’d like. Also, if you can’t find white fudge Oreos, you may dip your own Oreos in white melting chocolate or  melting candy. Here is a link to detailed instructions as to how to properly melt and use melting candy.

To make the licorice scarf, tie the licorice into a knot and make it loose enough to fit comfortably around the snowman’s neck area (between the two Oreos). A rainbow Twizzler licorice was used, so there was a variety of colors to choose from. Red licorice works just as well, too.

Next, “glue” on the candy corn nose. This can be done by melting a couple of white chocolate candy melts, and applying a small portion to the candy corn. Place the candy corn on the Oreo and let it harden. If you can’t find candy corn, use orange fondant and make a triangle nose.

Once the nose is secure, draw on your snowman’s face with an edible ink marker. You can also draw on some coal buttons or “glue” with melted candy  colorful candies in place of buttons.

If you choose, use melted white candy melts to “glue” the Oreos together. Put the melted candy where the Oreos connect, focusing the placement on the back of the Oreos so that the melted chocolate doesn’t seep through to the front. Don’t forget to secure your licorice scarf on your snowman too! If placing in a cello bag, you do not need to “glue” the snowman together.


Once the snowman is completely assembled and dried, carefully place the snowman in a cellophane bag. Place white chocolate chips or coconut at the bottom of the cello bag to create the look of snow.

And you are set! Your snowman is ready to be eaten or sent off to a friend!



Posted on December 21, 2016
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