Christmas Tree Decorating Tools And Supplies

The easiest way to decorate the Christmas Tree or decorate with holiday decor is to be prepared and organized with the correct Christmas Tree Decorating tools and supplies. I’ve been decorating for the holidays for many years and have learned what to do and what not to do!

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Tools/Supplies needed for Christmas tree decorating or holiday decor:


Get organized before you set up and decorate the tree or holiday decor. Wire and garland ties are some of my favorite supplies used to decorate with. You can fix a lot of Christmas decor with wire/ties. Drooping branches can be fixed by wiring it to the branch above it or next to it. Some of the other tools and supplies I use are:

  • Wire cutters to cut wire and to cut wired floral branches and Christmas picks is one of my favorite tools.
  • Pruning shears are perfect for cutting outdoor flowers, greenery, plants, branches, etc.
  • The step stool is a must for me to decorate a tree. It is much lighter than a ladder and can easily be moved around. A typical size 6′-8′ tree is a perfect size to use a step-ladder with.
  • A ladder is a definite must for taller Christmas trees.
  • A pocket apron helps keep everything organized and in one easy accessible spot – on you! Wear the apron while decorating – you’ll love it.
  • A container also works to place all the tools/supplies in to organize.
  • Holiday music – is it wrong to decorate without having holiday music playing? Yes!
  • And don’t forget to drink a holiday favorite such as hot chocolate or spiced cider. Make it a tradition to enjoy sipping on a warm drink while decorating.


Tools/Supplies For Christmas Tree Decorating | Design Dazzle

Here’s a photo of me using wire to attach an ornament to the tree.

I hope you like my Christmas Tree Decorating Tools And Supplies list. If you need more help with the tree, check my blog post for Setting up the Christmas Tree. You will find the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years on how I set-up the tree.

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