Christmas In A Can

The Christmas in a Can project is sweet and simple. A very long time ago I created a Christmas in a can to give out as our family gifts that year. It was very well received. It works well to use as a family night Christmas activity for the recipient. The options for this project are endless, for it is up to you to decide what you put in each can.

Christmas in a can - a fun way to give a gift! | Design Dazzle


First, you will need a can. If you would like to use our adorable “Christmas in a Can” printable, you may purchase it below. Print out, cut and attach it to the outside of the can. Another option that works well is to have your family draw their own labels for the cans. Fun activity for all involved.

If you use our printable, we have two sizes. One is for a number ten can or a gallon paint can, and the other size is the quart-sized paint can. Both can be purchased at a home improvement stores. Another option is to save food cans. Once opened and the contents used – rinse well, remove the label and dry. Make sure there are no sharp edges. Place a new label on the outside of the can and put your contents inside. There would be no lids with these so just use tissue paper and place in the top of the can – just like you would with a gift bag.

The whole idea of a “Christmas in a Can” is to share with your family or friends the spirit of Christmas. These could be items that go alongside together to place inside the can:

Hot cocoa
Christmas story printed on nice Christmas paper
Christmas ornament that goes with the story

Hot Cocoa
Cookie mix
Christmas cookie cutter

Apple Cider Mix
Christmas craft
Christmas CD

Favorite Christmas recipe
Ingredients for the Christmas recipe
Christmas CD to play while making the recipe

There are endless possibilities. Whatever it may be that you feel will spread Christmas cheer, add it to the can! Tis the season of giving and spreading holiday spirit!

Click below to buy the snowman and reindeer Christmas in a can set! 




Posted on November 18, 2016
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