Backyard Camping

Fun Summer Backyard Camping Ideas

Summer is winding down but it’s not too late to get in a little backyard camping! Actually, backyard camping makes for a wonderful fall weekend activity. Backyard camping is my favorite type of camping because it’s so close to my kitchen, my comfy bed and, most importantly, my bathroom. The other big advantage to backyard camping is the fact that it’s super easy to bail out if your kids decide they have had their fill of the outdoors. Plus, with your home so close to hand, it’s easy to make cute additions to your adventure!

outdoor camping food ideas

Here’s a great starting point for your backyard camping adventure

Nikki and Adam Camp Tents

Fun Backyard Camping/Glamping Ideas

DIY camping tents

Make it a group camping event with these cute DIY camping tents

Fun and creative ideas to create your own outdoor tents for kids!

Outdoor Tents for Kids

vintage inspired backyard camping

Vintage Inspired Backyard Camping


Love this campout weekend for older kids

cozy backyard outdoor camping setup

Check out this cozy setup!

DIY tent

DIY Tent

backyard camping basics

Some great basic ideas here

indoor camping

If your little ones aren’t ready to camp outside, there’s always indoor camping!

What’s your favorite way to camp? Share YOUR ideas in the comments below!


Posted on August 11, 2015
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