Summer Nature Fun

Summer Nature Fun for Kids!! A great collection of activities that kids will love this summer!

Have you spent time in the woods recently? Do you remember that calm feeling you get when your standing under the dappled shade of tall trees? OK….I’ll admit hiking in the woods with your kids doesn’t always go according to plan and it’s rarely as peaceful as hikes can be without kids.  But with a little planning (and a lot of bug-spray) you and your kids can create an amazing collection of memories from the great outdoors. Get your kids outside this summer with these great ideas for summer nature fun!

Nature Scavenger Hunt that kids will love! Perfect for Summer!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt that kids will love! Perfect for Summer!

Backyard Photo Scavenger Hunt with Free Printables

Fun outdoor scavenger hunt and s'mores treat toppers with free printables included! This would be fun for an outdoor party or camping trip.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt and S’mores Printable


DIY Fishing Pole

scavenger hunt with free printable

Scavenger Hunt with FREE Printables


For those days you can’t get outside, prepare a Naturally Fun Bucket

natural paint brushes

Make paintbrushes out of your nature walk finds…

mud paint

and then paint with mud paint.

DIY Nature Journal

 Document your fun with a nature journal!

What are your favorite nature activities to do with kids? Share them in the comments below!


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