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Hi! This is Kylie from Made by a Princess and I’m one of the new Camp Counselors around here. I spent one summer at gymnastics camp and some of the things I remember most (aside from KP) are the arts and crafts. I’m a pretty crafty chick and love trying out new things. Last weekend I made some homemade chalk paint and my kids loved it! Today I’m sharing how to make your own DIY Chalk Paint and it only takes three ingredients.

made by a princess chalk paint main

This “recipe” is really easy…here you go…

It is a 1:1 ratio of cornstarch and water but I recommend starting with 1/2 water and add according to your preference. You can make it more like paste with less water or more like paint with 1:1.
made by a princess chalk paint supplies
I decided to mix up one big batch and then divide evenly into squirt bottles with a funnel.
made by a princess chalk paint bowl of paint
made by a princess chalk paint bottles
I didn’t measure the paint but if I had to guess I probably put about 2 tablespoons of paint in each bottle. I really just added until I was happy with the color. Put the top on and shake well.
made by a princess chalk paint mix
Once your colors are done you are ready to paint!

made by a princess chalk paint rainbow

I always have foam boards on hand so my son grabbed the black one and my daughter wanted white. You can see they have very different techniques!

made by a princess chalk paint on black canvas

made by a princess chalk paint on white cnvas

The great thing about this paint is that it washes off hands, clothes, and driveways really easily. The best thing about this paint is watching my little loves playing together.

made by a princess chalk paint together

made by a princess chalk paint handprints

I hope you enjoyed my Easy DIY Chalk Paint Recipe!

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Happy Crafting!

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Thanks for the great instructions and the fun idea, Kylie!

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Posted on July 15, 2015
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