Feather Perler Bead Necklace

Twin Dragonfly Designs Summer Camp Guest Post

Perler Bead Feather Necklace Pattern

Hello everyone!  I’m Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs and I am beyond excited to be here today!  I have a lovely perler bead craft for you that would make the perfect summer boredom buster!  My kids have been making all kinds of perler bead projects recently.  From Perler Bead Bubble Wands to a 3D Super Mario, we’ve got your perler bead crafting covered!  When we came up with this Feather Perler Bead Necklace I just knew that it was something that we needed to share with you.

Perler Bead Feather Necklace


large perler bead peg board

15 turquoise

23 light blue

5 mint beads

7 salmon beads

49 glow-in-the-dark blue beads

parchment paper


jump ring


small silver feather (optional)


Perler Bead Feather Necklace-002

Step 1: working from the corner of the peg board, begin to build the feather.

Perler Bead Feather Necklace-003

Step 2: continue to build the feather from the top down until completed.

Perler Bead Feather Necklace-004

Step 3: iron both sides of the design flat.  Fasten the jump ring to the top bead and attach to the chain.  If the hole in the top bead has been melted closed use a needle to poke a hole for the jump ring.

Perler Bead Feather Necklace-006

Fun right?!  And it’s GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!!  I love, love, love it!

Perler Bead Feather Necklace-007

I added this little feather to the top to add some interest.  It’s from my jewellery making stash but I am sure that you can find something similar on eBay.

Perler Bead Feather Necklace-008

I love getting in on the fun creative crafting energy that my boys have.  And they love crafting as a family.  It’s a win, win.  The fun never ends around here.  You can bet that there will be more perler bead crafts coming soon!

Perler Bead Feather Necklace-009



Please come and visit us soon at Twin Dragonfly Designs for more crafts, DIYs and recipes!

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Super creative! Great idea, Heather. Thanks for sharing and for being a part of our 5th Annual Summer Camp Series!

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Posted on June 2, 2015
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