DIY Muddle and Match Adventure Stories

DIY Muddle & Match Adventure Stories

Good morning! I am so excited to be here today at Design Dazzle! Today for a fun Summer Camp idea I am going to share with you the activity that my little Captain America and I did last week based on the incredible Muddle and Match books from Usborne Books & More. (I am an Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant, and this is one of my favorites!!)

The premise of the Muddle and Match series is to make silly pictures and silly stories. Each page has a photo and a story, with the pages broken into three parts. You can flip the sections to create a silly picture and coordinating silly story. My kids both LOVE these books! My big boy (6) loves the silly stories, and my little girl (3) loves the silly pictures. Win-win!

Muddle and Match

I decided that it would be a fun activity with my son to create our OWN Muddle and Match stories. Here is how we did it.

Muddle & Match Activity

Muddle & Match Activity-2

I drew a basic shape of a person and copied it so that there were three copies. I divided the pages into three sections with dashes where he would cut. I also divided a story template into three sections: WHO, WHAT, WHERE or WHY. You can download my templates for free HERE.

Captain America drew three pictures and told me what to write about each of them. (He would have written it himself, but for the sake of this post I wanted it to be legible.) 😉

Muddle & Match Activity-3

Muddle & Match Activity-4

We ended up working with Chase, the good samurai, Blades the Rescue Bot, and The Overlord. SUCH a boys boy! Haha. I was delighted by the imaginative little narrative sentences that he threw out for each of them!

Next he cut the strips up and put them all into a pile facing downward.

Muddle & Match Activity-5

He drew out the pieces of the pictures randomly and glued them onto a piece of colored construction paper. (We used two pages each of three different colors of paper so that we would know which story went with which picture.) Next we found the story parts that matched the picture parts and he pasted those on the coordinating color of paper.

Muddle & Match Activity-6

Muddle & Match Activity-7

Muddle & Match Activity-8

That’s it! He was SO excited about his silly pictures and stories and couldn’t wait to show them to his daddy once he got home from work!

Muddle & Match Activity-9

After we took these pictures he said to me, “Wow, Mom, that was a LOT of work. And a LOT of fun!” I’d call that a successful summer activity!

Muddle & Match Activity Idea

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