White button Christmas tree

Hello Design Dazzle readers!  I’m Rachel from Holy Craft!  I am so excited to be back posting about a fabulously easy but adorably fun white button Christmas tree.  I always love to follow along with this Christmas Wonderful series because there are so many great ideas that always inspire me.

button tree final

I am always picking up supplies throughout the year.  You could call me a craft supply hoarder and it would be absolutely true! I found some Styrofoam cones at the Dollar Tree, some white buttons at a flea market and these white pearl straight pins at Amazon. You should be able to gather all the necessary supplies for under $5.

button supplies

I randomly gathered all of the white buttons that I had.  Some are bigger, some are smaller.  I slipped a pearl headed pin through one of the holes and simply slipped it into the Styrofoam cone. Once you start reaching the tapered end of the cone, you will need to start angling down your pins, but for the most part, you can push them straight in to your cone.


On zoom, you can see the Styrofoam popping through.  Go through and fill in any gaps with an overlapping button.  For this tree, I used about 250 straight pins and buttons.

button tree cone

I just love how these turned out! They are quite fancy without being too froo-froo if you know what I mean! Simple elegance.  It’s my kind of style!

button tree 1

Here’s a round up of some of my favorite Christmas crafts from last season.

christmas round up

Grab a cup of coffee or tea {it’s what we do in Seattle} and come see what I’m working on this year.

business card front new


Holy Craft is a home and family blog written by a stay at home mom of three.  It’s my hope that I can help you live well on less, share tips and tricks to make you more efficient around the house and bring you inspiration for your every day life all without breaking the bank!

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Christmas Wonderful runs until mid-December.
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Posted on December 1, 2014
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