DIY Christmas Glove Ornament

DIY Christmas Glove Ornament

I was asked to create a Homemade Christmas ornament to share with all of you by U-Create Crafts. I’ve already shared it on their site and now I’m sharing all the details with you! I decided to make DIY Christmas Glove Ornaments out of inexpensive knit gloves! These add a fun, totally unique aspect to your tree. It’s also good to have various textures on a Christmas tree. My Christmas tree has many different textures – birch logs, beaded snowballs, frosted tree branches, plaid ribbon and cozy knits. If you would like to see my entire Christmas tree, click here. Another great idea to use these ornaments with are on Christmas presents. They make for darling gift wrap embellishments.

DIY Christmas Glove Ornament

These glove ornaments would also be a fun little pouch to put money, gifts, or treats in to surprise your family or give as a gift! This is a simple DIY ornament that can be made in 3 easy steps in about 10 minutes, and your kids can even help, too! Gloves are great for warming your hands, but also for warming hearts as a cute Christmas tree ornament!


Supplies to Make a Glove Christmas Ornament:

  • black knit gloves
  • ribbon scraps
  • Christmas embellishments, odds & ends
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


DIY Christmas Glove Ornament

Step 1: Gather ribbon scraps or cut a strand of new ribbon. Make sure to measure so that the ribbon will cover the length of cuff entirely. I wanted mine to cover the entire width cuff of the glove, so I chose 2 inch wide ribbon, and cut it down to about 1 1/2 inch.



Step 2: Carefully hot glue the ribbon onto the cuff of the glove. Try to get it as straight as possible.



Step 3: Gather any Christmas embellishments that you have laying around. I had a snowflake ornament, a bit of extra greenery, ribbon, and a button. Make bows, arrange the knick knacks and doodads you decide to use, and hot glue however you like! Make it your own and as beautiful as you can.


DIY Christmas Glove Ornament

Add a little ribbon loop to the top to hang on the tree, and you’re ready to go! This glove Christmas Ornament comes together in no time and adds flair to your Christmas tree in such a sweet, simple way! I hope these sweet Glove Christmas Ornaments will warm your heart when you see them hanging on your Christmas tree!


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