Christmas Caroling Ideas

Fun and festive Christmas Caroling Ideas for the whole family to enjoy! from Design Dazzle

I love Christmas caroling! There’s just something magical about voices joining together in song on a dark night. It might be that walking around in the dusk with only the stars and my family around me connects me to that first Christmas in a way that just doesn’t happen at any other point in the sometimes crazy holiday-season. Or it might be that the act of Christmas caroling really makes me think about the lyrics of the songs. Whatever the reason, Christmas caroling has always been special to me. Here is a collection of Christmas caroling ideas to help make it special for you too!


I loved all the ideas and advice from She Lives Free. The Ten tips for Christmas caroling with kids

printable Christmas songbook

Free Printable Christmas Songs for kids – a mix of popular song and Christmas carols

pritnable christmas hymns

Printable Christmas Hymns – 6 hymns from an antique hymnal

christmas carol lyrics

Lyrics to 60 Christmas Songs (popular, traditional and religious….plus a few from around the world!)

Here is also a list of holiday favorite songs. The song sheet is easy to print out.


Of course you’ll want to start with something warm before you head out…perhaps with an adorable hot cocoa bar or make it the end-of-the-evening party after you are all done caroling!


Another Hot Cocoa Bar idea


Or how about some Hot Cocoa and Candy?


Or if there’s no time for cocoa now, perhaps you can send them with some cocoa for the road.

Have you considered combining caroling with delivering your neighborhood gifts?


Mistletoe Cider – spreading love  and kisses everywhere


Sugared Nuts –  We are NUTS about you!


You are deer-ly appreciated


Snowman Soup

Have a great night singing with your friends and family! And may you spread the joy of the season every where you go.


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