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Hi everyone! My name is Jen from Sweeten Your Day, and I am so excited to be back again for this years Christmas Wonderful celebration on Design Dazzle. I wanted to share with you today a craft that I did with a group of ladies from my church for the holidays.
We have all heard of the 3 gifts that the Wise Men brought to Jesus, but not sure exactly what they are…
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Frankincense and myrrh were very valuable during that time and desired for personal, religious, and medicinal use.
For this craft we used a normal 2×4 piece of would and cut one 3 1/2″ long, 6′ long, and the last one 8″ long. Vinyl words cut by your handy dandy Cricut or Silhouette. Paint colors: Gold, Georgia Clay (myrrh), and Antique White (Frankincense – just lightly painted on so you can still see a bit of the wood grain underneath). Some tulle and spring and artificial pine – optional for decoration.
 Paint your blocks in any order you like.
 Once your blocks are dry apply vinyl words, or you can write on them with a marker if you have fancy handwriting – I do not!
 You can leave your blocks stacked as is, but I wanted to dress mine up a bit.
So I tied some white tulle ribbon around all three and tied in a bow on top. Then I stuck a small branch of artificial pine in the bow loops to give it a finished look.
 And that’s it!An incredibly simple craft that you can display to remember the gifts that were given that first Christmas!


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Christmas Wonderful runs until mid-December.
Check back tomorrow for more great ideas like this one!
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Posted on December 4, 2014
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