Rustic Chic Jingle Bell Door Wreath

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Happy to be back posting here on Christmas Wonderful with Design Dazzle! This year I’m putting together a little something to give to a neighbor or a teacher (or yourself!)–a Rustic Chic Jingle Bell Door Wreath.  It might be that I’m just easily amused, but I really get a smile from hearing the tinkling of jingle bells when doors open and close during the holidays. They’re just a little reminder to be cheerful during this holiday season. I love the hearty clang of the bigger sleigh bells, but the tiny twittering of the smaller bells is music as well. In this wreath, I went for understated!

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  • 6 inch wood floral ring
  • Twine
  • Ruffled ribbon
  • Assorted pearls
  • Jingle bells, assorted sizes
  • Hot glue

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Step 1: Wrapping the ring. If you’ve got a spool of twine that is smaller, it’ll be fairly easy for your to loop your entire spool through the center of the wooden ring to cover it. If you have a giant roll of twine, I’d recommend making a smaller ball for easier handling. The wooden rings are located in the floral section of your craft store if you’re wondering where to find them!

When I started wrapping the ring, I taped one end down just to make it a bit easier to get started.

Rustic Chic Wreath-11

Keep wrapping around the ring until the wood is completely covered. As you are wrapping, make sure your twine stays in straight lines around the ring. You might have to stop and scoot the twine together or spread them apart to get it to wrap properly.

Rustic Chic Wreath-12

When the ring is completely covered in twine, hot glue your end down on the back of the ring.

Rustic Chic Wreath-13

Step 2: Accessorizing the door hanging wreath.

Rustic Chic Wreath-14

Using strips of the ruffled ribbon, twist the ribbon around until it forms little flower like puffs; use hot glue to make them maintain their shapes.

Rustic Chic Wreath-15

Place a few of these “flowers” on the side of the wreath. Three were used here.

Rustic Chic Wreath-16

Hot glue pearls and jingle bells in a scattered fashion on the flowers.

Rustic Chic Wreath-18

To create the hanging jingle bells, cut twine a few inches in length. Put a small dot of hot glue on the end of the twine, then attach it to the loop in the jingle bell.

Rustic Chic Wreath-17

Gather up your threads and pull the threads until they are all different lengths. Tie them tightly together at the top where you plan to cut the bunch off.

Rustic Chic Wreath-19

Glue the top of the jingle bell/twine bunch under the flowers.

Rustic Chic Wreath-20

Cut a 15 inch length of twine, and fold it in half. Use the loop to create a hanger for the wreath as shown above. And you’re done!

Rustic Chic Wreath-21

Keep it for yourself, or give as a gift; it’s sure to bring holiday cheer!


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Posted on November 10, 2014
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