Cozy Reading Nooks

Cute and Cozy Reading Nooks for Kids

Having a special spot to sit and read or just to daydream is such a treat for a child! Or, to be completely honest, to an adult! I know I am so much more likely to curl up with a book if there’s an inviting space at hand. To me, a cozy reading nook has a comfortable seat, something to lean against and a supply of great reading material nearby. The best reading nooks have great lights and are set apart from the rest of the room. Check out 15 of my favorite cozy reading nooks!

reading nook

Why not have a reading nook up high?

mattress reading nook

A simple mattress on the floor made magical with a cozy quilt and twinkling lights. Image from here.

moon shaped reading nook

Reading on the moon!

colorful reading nook

So colorful!

wasted space turned into a reading nook

Curtains make for a secret reading place

3 bookcase reading nook

An adorable reading space can be created using 3 bookcases

girls sweet reading space

A sweet reading space for a sweet little girl. Image from here.


Drift away with a good book with this amazing ocean reading area.

precious reading space

Precious Reading Space

pretty in pink reading nook

Pretty in pink reading nook


Closet turned into a reading nook — and the inside is as adorable as the outside! See the whole nook here.

turn a closet into a reading nook

Here’s another great closet reading nook


A reading nook made out of a clothes dryer rack


A stage that could do double duty as a secret reading space

kids reading nook

Pillows spell out “LIRE” which means read in french. Simple and sweet reading spot.

wall lamp for a reading nook

Reading lamps are important for reading even for kids. Attach a reading lamp to the wall is a much safer bet for children than a table lamp.


Posted on October 30, 2014
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